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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog issue seems resolved

Ok, after having the month from hell I tried to post to my blog and realized that it was being redirected to another site.

After going through all sorts of crap trying to get rid of the problem, I found out that it was NOT a hijacking worm on my computer but something imbedded in a gadget that I had on here.

It was a timer counting down to the new haven road race. Those gadgets have stuff embedded in them that the ones distributing them can hijack whatever site the gadget is on, anytime they want. I got this RIGHT HERE in the gadget area, so beware!

Take my advice, remove any gadgets from third parties off your blog. THis was on there for MONTHS before anything happened.

Here's a web page that helped me figure this out. I was ready to scrap my blog!

Anyway, thank goodness I won't have to scrap my blog!

It is my mother-in-law's 92nd birthday today and I was swamped, I just wanted to let you all know that I FINALLY got this resolved and can resume posting now!



  1. Glad you didn't scrap! Thanks for the resource link - for future reference. So happy you're back, Lori-Ann.

  2. wow...that's crazy but glad you got it solved!

  3. This morning when I visited it went to that weird place and freaked out my anti virus software. How weird that it just happened...out of the blue...with that gadget! Glad you got it fixed so fast. You are a wiz!

  4. Yay! Hope the birthday was fun!

  5. Looking forward to hearing an update on your progress!

  6. Hi LoriAnn. You do not have to let this comment go through...but I wanted to share this article with you. Worth a shot......! Might take some of the pressure off.|htmlws-main-n|dl4|link3|

    We got the eclectus parrot, by the way. Not sure if you saw my email about that. He is happy here. :)

  7. Lori-Ann, I am glad to see you are back, and I am glad to see your blog didn't have to be scrapped. Tell your MIL happy birthday from blogland for me! :-)

  8. This is my first time to your blog...and I am so amazed by you! Keep it up!!!!!

  9. I'm glad you figured things out! You are truly an Amazon for not throwing in the towel on the computer issues. :) Thanks for the warning about the gadgets!!!

  10. I'm so glad that you figured it out. HOw great!!

  11. Glad you got your issues fixed.

    I decided to switch blogs. If you want to keep in touch, join me at

  12. Hello Lori-Ann

    Thanks for posting that info on the gadgets... I'll certainly rethink 3rd party gadgets. Hope your MIL 92nd birthday was a a blast.


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