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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girls night out and other news

Hi, Just thought I would get caught up again for the past week or so.

Last Wednesday, a friend of a friend contacted me about an event called GIRLS NIGHT OUT that was a fundraiser for a teen girl named Erica who is a member of 4-H and was accepted into the Youth Ambassador program.

With this program, they go to Europe for several weeks in the summer and stay with host families, visit local politicians and community leaders, etc. It is to promote global understanding and world peace.

I guess they raise their own money for the trip and it's about $6,000

So I was invited to vend the Lakota Crafts and all I had to do was supply an item for them to raffle.

Thing is, I am not yet set up for the pow wow season-- so I had NOTHING tagged or packed, did not have a cash drawer set to to make change, plus I don't have a car right now.

So I spent two days scrambling around and got my BFF & artist Jeanne, to accompany me, and I spent two days cramming to sort, tag, and pack crafts items, set up my cash drawer, get my literature together, etc.

In spite of the rain and wind storm we were having, there was a good turn out and a lot of raffle tickets were sold. I met nice people and earned about $80 for the Lakota kids. I donated $10 back to Erica, plus donated a really nice craft item for the next fundraiser.

There are some pics from the event below and here is the URL for Erica's web page about what she is doing.

This first pic is actually jewelry that my friend Jeanne made out of her art. Too bad there is glare on the art. She makes tiny prints of her own art and it gets adhered to these glass tiles with a special adhesive. She then adds it to a necklace with other charms and sells these for about $15

Her art is stunning and mostly has a native or earth honoring theme. I'm betting that during the pow wow season she will sell the hell out of these.

Just some random shots of the gathering

On other fronts, we had driving wind and rain for three days last weekend and our basement flooded BIG TIME. So we spent most of the weekend trying to stay ahead of the water. Thank God the sun finally came out.

Also, my dr's office called two days ago and said my recent tests show that I STILL have a vitamin D deficiency. So he prescribed a mega vitamin D capsule that I'm to take once a week while continuing with the daily supplements I've been using. I hope this does the trick!

Now that the sun is out, I DID force myself to get outside and I spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday clearing flower beds, cleaning the stone paths and just generally poking around and getting ready for the gardening season.

I will be sure to take frequent photos and post them here as the season moves along, that way you garden lovers can enjoy the progress with me.

I made a commitment to a friend of mine to be on a committee for an annual event she has that raises money and supplies for shelter animals. The committee meeting is tonight but she is picking me up in a little while so we can hang together first and get caught up.

But I didn't want to let another day go by without posting lest you think I disappeared again. LOL

Have a good day everyone! And if it is nice outside where you are I hope that you get to enjoy it!


  1. Hi LoriAnn, I found your blog just surfing one day. I've also been trying to lose weight - not very successfully - I seem to have lost my motivation, but enough about that. I saw that you were talking about a Vitamin D deficiency and I read a website regularly by a Dr. Ben Kim. They have some organic choices for the Vit D. Just in case you might be interested. Here's the path: I am really impressed with all your accomplishments. You are truly an inspiration. Take care. Kelley

  2. It's so good to hear from you, Lori Ann. Sounds like you are as busy and involved in life as ever. I hope your health is good, and am interested in hearing how the workouts are going. You were kicking some serious A$$ with weights and all. Take care, and keep posting. We've been missing you in blogdom!

  3. VERY cool of you to do that to help her raise money.

  4. I read recently that if you take vitamin D at the same time as vitamin A that the vitamin A prevents blocks from absorbing the vitamin D. Here is the link:

    I can't wait to see more photos of your garden. Inspiration!

  5. I am just catching up on all of your recent posts. Wow, I'm so sorry about all the sadness and the debt issues. Prayers out to you for comfort and for a plan to get out of this financial hole. You deserve a better day! Hang in there.


  6. Sounds like your keeping busy ! Have a great day!

  7. Gaaaaak about the basement. Lord. That is the last thing you guys need right now!

    It took me a whole year to get my vitamin D level to, hang in there. What finally worked for me was the liquid drops. But...then....once my level got to the high 70s I thought I was fine to just do 10,000 IUs every other day instead of daily....and my level came back down again to 50 (and I just got nailed with this sinus/flu coincidence, tho). So..definitely keep up the effort on getting that D where it needs to be. Something you are eating might be blocking absporption of D from your intestines, too. For me, gluten was the culprit. But other stuff can mess up absorption, too.


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