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Friday, August 28, 2009

Naked Guns

After a kick-ass day yesterday, I really needed to relax. First I exercised with THE BIGGEST LOSER boot camp dvd, THEN I went to the gym and did my circuit there. By the way, I can now pull 120 pounds on the seated row! My back is getting incredibly strong.

Anyway, last night I took a hot shower and was hanging out NAKED ---watching TV with my husband. I looked down at my gut and noted, with great joy, that there are now TWO rolls of flab sitting on my lap when I sit down.

If you've never been really heavy, you might be wondering why two rolls of fat is a cause for celebration! Well, I'll tell ya! Back when I first started, my stomach was just one enormous blob that started under my breasts and took up nearly my whole lap when I sat down. There was no crease or extra roll where some semblance of a waist would be. It looked like I was 8 months pregnant with quads or quints or something........

So, last night I happened to be sitting there naked, looked down, and realized with great joy that...

A) My gut no longer starts under my boobs

B) My gut is now divided in two by the beginnings of an actual WAIST

C) The upper roll, above the newly-forming waist, is much smaller than the lower roll and will
probably dissolve away over the next month or two

D) The lower gut, while still quite large by any standard, is much smaller than it used to be

Inspired by this discovery, (and since I was already naked anyway) I went into the bathroom to really check myself out. Other changes were delightfully noted:

For one thing, the fatty tissue that makes up the boobs, with me, used to continue AROUND the circumference of my body as a giant roll of flab morphing out from the boobs, wrapping around my body and reaching almost to either side of my spine.

Now, this hideous breast-extension roll only reaches about half-way to my spine on either side and overall, is much smaller, as is the roll below it which hangs above my waist. My thighs seem literally about half the size that they were when I started and my arms and back are definately developing muscle.

When I had progress pics taken last month, I had one taken of my back WITHOUT a shirt on. At some point in the future, when I feel enough progress has been made, I will show the first "back shot" along with an update. Don't worry, I'll put a warning at the top of the post for those who have a weak stomach.

Anyway, I am working hard and doing well!

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