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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's About Freakin' TIme!

Last night DH was looking at me as I cooked dinner and said, "Your waist suddenly looks smaller." He kept bringing it up until finally I thought, "Oh, hell's bells, I just gotta know." So I went upstairs, peeled off my shirt and measured my waist, even though the time for my monthly progress report is a good week away.

I was shocked that my waist was down a good inch and a half to two inches from last month's progress report. So I measured my hips. Same deal-- down quite a bit. FINALLY!

What is so great about this is that these are my problem areas and they have been lagging behind in getting results. From day one I have consistently lost more from my chest and thighs than I have from the gut.

Plenty of months, the loss from my waist has only been half an inch and the hips not much better. When you carry most of your weight around the middle and that's where you have the LEAST amount of weight loss -- it can get pretty discouraging.

Numerous have been the times when I have taken my measurements for my monthly progress report and seeing the smallest change in the area that needs it the most, I would think, "What the f*ck am I bothering for? Why am I working so hard month after month for a lousy 1/2" loss off my gut while meanwhile, the 'girls' are disappearing?"

I would be so disappointed, so discouraged and fed up. BUT I NEVER GAVE UP. Never! I would indulge those feelings for awhile as they are understandable. But then I would reaffirm the need to persevere, to try harder, to keep going.

It looks like when I post my monthly measurements in my progress report for December, I will have the greatest loss showing in the middle of my body FOR THE FIRST TIME. At long last, after almost 9 months of effort, the weight is finally starting to come off the problem area.

The reason I am posting about this is--- what if during month 3 or month 5 or month 7 I had given up? If at any point I had let my discouragment, frustraton and impatience get the better of me, I would have robbed myself of the satisfaction that I feel right now.

We MUST persevere! We must keep moving forward! If you eat right and move your body the weight will come off. You cannot weigh yourself every 5 minutes and throw your hands up in despair every time 2 days goes by without a change you had hoped for. This is a life-long commitment!

We can do this!

You have to do what others won't to achieve what others don't



  1. Yay for the inches lost on your waist (and everywhere else!)

    I'm experiencing the same, but in reverse... My waist is not too bad in the grand scheme of things (35.5") but my thighs are TERRIBLE (32"!) How can my thighs be almost as big as my waist?!? OMG!

    I KNOW they'll slim down eventually, but the more inches I lose from my waist, the more disproporionate I look! :o(

    Keep up the good work!

    Patsy x

    p.s. No idea about the post updates?! No doubt it's the ghosties playing tricks on us!

  2. I am loving your positive affirmation kind of attitude.

  3. Love this post! Congrats on the inches gone! And for the success you feel! My recent post was along the same lines.....Im NOT giving up! BIG success is just around the corner. I may not "see" it yet, but its coming! I can FEEL it! So proud of you!

  4. congrats! those inches sure add up don't they. I used to dread measuring because I would worry I'd so no change or not enought to please me. I figure something is better than nothing...your doing so great!

  5. Great positive attitude and congratulations on staying the course and seeing those results! :)

  6. Hey, that's great! So encouraging, isn't it?

  7. Yahoo! Why is it that the areas we want smaller the most take the longest to get there? Some kind of crazy weight loss law, I think.

  8. Wow! That's so brilliant Lori-Ann! I'm so happy for you. I think it does come off ever more unevenly as we get older. BUT it still comes off in the end if you just keep plugging away at it. Well done for hanging in there and never giving up.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  9. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have the same waist issues - I'm only in this for the waist loss and it's like no weight loss is happening there. Have to say "the girls" as you say are still doing ok - a little less full as before but now not laying over my belly. Here's hoping your success is just a precursor for me to follow suit!!

  10. Congrats-that is so awesome-nice that your hubby notices these things too-makes it nicer.

  11. Really happy for your excellent progress, LoriAnn. Never quitting is the key, as you said. I bet this propels you on to a period of steady visible loss. Well done!

  12. Awesome! Yourd hard work is paying off!

  13. Great job you!!!! Perseverence is a quality that you can be proud of. And now you see the results!

  14. Yahoo Lori-Ann - nothing better than seeing results in both of those areas.

    And a special thank you for your kind words on my 'pity' blog. I really value your words as they are so true. I am back today, alive and kicking forward with all I have...

  15. I love the attitude in this post. Let me step back - congrats on losing the inches! Now, back to what I was saying. The attitude is great. You know, we have to persevere. If we don't, the other option is failing. Great work on choosing the right option!


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