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Monday, December 7, 2009

Significant Milestone Award

Good day my homies! I had a fantabulous weekend and seem on the way to achieving things that are blowing my mind!

At the gym I've been upping my weight whenever I can and I am making great gains of strength and development. Weeks ago, the "fantasy" started passing through my mind that, wouldn't it be great if I could pull 100 pounds on the cable chest fly by the new year? In my top shape back in my 20's I wasn't pulling that kind of weight.

As one week melts into the next, I keep inching the weight up........Imagine my shock yesterday at the gym when I upped the cable chest fly to 90 pounds. Yes, 90! Granted, I could only do 4-5 reps......... but who knows.... maybe by the new year I will be able to pull 100.

90 pound cable flies! I am a woman. Do you realize how jacked a woman has to be to pull that kind of weight? Holy crap, I still can't believe I did it! And that came immediately after a walk/run with plenty of LONG jogging intervals in the mix.

So imagine my sheer JOY when I logged onto my blog and found the Significant Milestone Award waiting for me -- a gift from my home girl over at 266.

Now, one thing you're not going to get from me today is any false show of modesty. I have been working my ass off to start running again and to beat my personal bests at the gym week after week. So none of that "ahh shucks" stuff today!

I EARNED this award. I deserve it! And I am displaying it proudly! I am grateful that I have it in me to work this hard and I am grateful for friends like 266, who UNDERSTAND how much sacrifice and effort I am putting out to achieve the results that I want--and who take the time to celebrate those milestones with me. You are a true friend 266 and I value that more than can be expressed!

This morning I took my 2-mile route around the neighborhood and I ran for just over 1/2 a MILE before I had to drop it down to a walk because of a hill. I am fairly confident that on a flat track I could run a mile straight or more without stopping -- and this is only one week into my running again.

I need to get going to get my ChaLEAN work-out in today. I gotta stay on track with that so that I can start the LEAN phase next week-- the final phase of the program!

I feel fantastic today and hope that you do too! Thanks for believing that I could do this even before I could! You guys rock!


  1. It's awesome to hear you so PUMPED! WOOT! And pulling 90 lbs - Amazing Amazon Runner who not only runs but pulls, lifts and generally kicks ass! I'm really happy for you and celebrate your excellent progress. Thank you for the continued inspiration. And thanks for making me laugh on my blog today with your comment about me kicking ass and taking names. YO!

  2. 90 or 100lbs is AWESOME!!! I would love to say I could do that, maybe one day!

  3. Wow - awesome! You are doing great and deserve the milestone award!

  4. Wow-you are doing amazing-90lbs-its hard to believe that is sooo much.

  5. You certainly did earn it! Great job Lori-Ann! Woot!

  6. 90? Wow! You are a warrior! I wish I could even lift a tenth of that.

    You did earn the award. Congrats!

  7. 90 pounds...that's just bloody awesome. Congratulations on the award and the running. Your hard work is paying off. Right on!!!

    Sounds like you're having a great day.... keep it up.

    Take care---Paula

  8. You DO deserve it! You have come such a long, long way already and I know that you will acomplish every one of you goals! Go, Lori-Ann!!!

  9. Congrats on the award - you certainly DO deserve it! And it's nice to see someone say "yes, I slogged my guts out to get it" instead of being modest about it, as you say...

    I lift weights in kilos, although I understand pounds better! lol Back when I was going to the gym for the first time (I think I was about 30) I was so strong, the trainer suggested I become a power lifter(!) As far as I'm aware, it's unusual for tall men or women to be able to lift very heavy weights because of the length of their limbs. It also makes getting muscles that 'show' that much harder, so keep up the BRILLIANT work!

    Patsy x

  10. You certainly do deserve that award. Way to go! You have done such a fantastic job and are such an inspiration to me. Each time I think about doing something I know I shouldn't, I think about all my friends in Blogland and how successful they are and that I can be too!
    Thanks for being you Lori-Ann :)

  11. Hi Lori-Ann. Well done on your award! Yes you really do deserve it! You're pushing yourself on every level. I second Leslie - it's great to hear you so pumped up!

    Bearfriend xx


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