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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A New Day

Well, thanks to Craig's list we were able to get a cheap refrigerator last night! Whew!

Also, a kindness that we did months ago returned to us. We have an extra room on the first floor of our house that we rent to roommates. We were looking for a new roommate during the summer, right after I came back from the rez.

These two ladies (a mother and daughter) came to look at it and I liked them immediately. They are Korean and seemed a good match. But my husband was leaning toward a University of New haven student whose father was going to give us 6 months rent in advance.

Well, when I told those ladies that I had to discuss all of the applicants with my husband and would get back to them, the mother bursted out crying and explained that they had been living with a friend who died-- then the friend's kids came and kicked them out of the house with no warning.

The daughter works at Walmart and they had been living in their car. They have a dog and someone reported the dog living in the car- so animal control seized the dog--but felt bad for them and gave them 3 weeks to find a place to live before they would put the dog up for adoption.

They could not find a place. Most apartments here want TWO months security plus the first months rent before you can move in, and many have a credit check and will not allow pets.

So the mother was BAWLING and telling me how they looked for a place every day and would go and visit the dog, and that they had two days left to find a place or they would be forced to sign a paper releasing the dog.

When I called my husband at work to ask him if I could rent the room to two homeless women (one injured and unemployed-- as the mom had back surgery) and their dog; and by the way, they can't afford a security deposit; if he were anyone else, he might have said, "Are you out of your fucking mind?!"

But instead he told me that he trusted my instincts. I had just come back from the sun dance days before, and I honestly felt that Creator sent them to me as an assignment. I believe that this is how God answers prayers, through other people. Sometimes you are the receiver, and sometimes you are asked to be the instrument that delivers the answer.

So they moved in and have never once been late with their rent. They keep their room spotlessly clean. Every time the daughter gets paid, she buys my two dogs each a rawhide bone.

ANYWAY, they overheard my husband and I discussing the refrigerator and all of the other issues. They just gave me a Christmas card with $100 to buy our Christmas dinner. I did not want to take it. The daughter works at Walmart for goodness sakes. But they insisted,, saying we took them in when no one else would take the chance; and that they were able to keep their dog, so they are repaying a kindness, they said.

So now I can restock for Christmas dinner.

Also, Kat over at Fitmindbodyspirit, after reading my blog yesterday-- discussed it with her husband and they decided to provide Christmas dinner for the Lakota family whom I help. A $60 line of credit was phoned into their local grocery store this afternoon--- so our lakota friends will be eating well too!

So if you have a chance, visit kat's blog and tell her how wonderful she is! I just called the rez to tell them they would eat well on Christmas day and the grand ma bursted into hysterics. She said they will pray for Kat.

Anyway, I am emotionally and physically exhausted. We got up at 5am yesterday to go to the gym and didn't get done with our refrigerator escapade until 10pm last night. Then I had to get up early again today.

So I will end here-- I owe a hot 100 update but will post it tomorow. Just wanted everyone to know how things work out-- just like my own personal Hallmark movie!

Below is a pic of the son and grand kids in the family that Kat bought the food for.
They will be chowing down on Christmas day thanks to Kat!

Christmas Love to all!


  1. What a wonderful blog!! It has been a few weeks since I've been on here, and I am SO glad to have chosen today to read your blog!!! Amazing and very uplifting - total Christmas spirit rings through (and yes, I did tear up!) You are a wonderful, amazing and selfless person and it is great to know good people are still out there. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. I am so glad to hear that things are working out for you. Your post yesterday was on my mind most of the evening, and I have been praying that there was a way for this to work out. I will continue to keep you and your husband in my prayers as I know there must be many challenges to keeping your children in school and still affording all the other monthly expenses.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I just knew God would provide...but I never exspected it to be speedy delivery!!! So happy things are coming together for you. Hope you have a blessed holiday with your family1

  5. Hi Lori-Ann. So glad everything has worked out OK. What goes around comes around as they say.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. What great news Lori-Ann! I am so happy this has worked out! I will be sure to thank Kat too. That was really kind of her.

  7. First time I have read your blog. God is good! Amen---Merry Christmas. Jessica

  8. There is a word for this ...
    I love this blog, I like you and I have a feeling God smiles down on you daily.
    Merry Christmas hon.
    God bless you.

  9. Merry Christmas Lori-Ann! I am happy you found a fridge and very touched by your story of your tenants. John and I were very happy to help out Pam and her family. Thank you for posting the picture here. Also, thank you for your prayers for Lulu. She came home from the vet this afternoon and seems to be doing fine. I hope you and your family have a Christmas filled with joy, peace and love. xoxo

  10. Lori-Ann I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to help you so I am so glad to read this update. It is true that you reap what you sew. I am very very happy that all the love and kindness you've shown to others is coming back to haunt you. Blessings to you and wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

  11. Lori-Ann, Just catching up on blogs from my parent's house in Seattle and read your previous posts as well as this one. So happy you got a fridge, and as always, thank you for the inspiration in more ways than one. A few posts ago it looks like you posted your updated pictures, and you look amazing!!! Merry Christmas, to one of the true angels out there.

  12. I am so happy for you. I thought about you today and said a prayer for you and your family.

    What a wonderful story.


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