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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week in Review Fitness Totals

Hello Friends. Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Here are my fitness totals for the week of Sunday, December 6 to Saturday, December 12.

The bad news is-- it was not a good week for walking/running outside. It either rained or was freezing (or both) just about every day. In spite of that, I got some walking with jogging intervals in-- just not as much as I would have preferred.

I got in 3 hours of walking/jogging, 1 hour at the gym and worked out with DVDs at home 4 times for a total of 6 hours and 40 minutes of exercise. The majority of fitness hours came from the fitness DVDs because of the weather.

One thing that sucks, timing wise, is that my ability to start adding the jogging intervals to my walks is coinciding with winter weather in New England. Today was the start of a new week and I wanted to get off to a good start no matter what-- so even though it was raining, I used an umbrella and did my jogging intervals anyway.

But I will do my best to tough it out till spring. I'll bundle up and use an umbrella to get out there as often as I can.

I did manage to finish the second phase of the ChaLEAN Extreme program and will begin the last phase this week! When I am done with that, I plan to try the 30-day shred with Jillian Michaels!

I put in an hour of upper body work at the gym today and pulled 150 pounds on the seated row. Thing is, that is no where near my maximum on that and I know it. I did 3 sets of ten and felt like I could have pulled more, so I will up it a bit more next time. This was the last exercise I did today and I had pushed myself on others and was wet and irritable from walking/jogging there with an umbrella.

One thing that happened today that DH and I laughed about on the way home. This cardio bunny was on a treadmill across from where I was using the chest, arm and back machines and she kept watching me. Then she came over and sat on leg machines directly across from me to get a better look.

I know the look all too well. When you used to be really heavy, as I was, you can have nearly a year of walking and weight training under your belt and have lost a great deal of weight already. However, since you are still heavy, people will assume that you are out-of-shape and have no stamina. They think that you are new to the gym.

So I see the look in this cardio bunny's eyes, the look that says, "No f*cking way is this fat bitch stronger than me." Finally, she starts following me on the machines to see what I have them set on, and trying to lift or pull what I can-- which is simply not going to be possible for some 120 pound woman.

People are so silly! It was obvious that she was VERY irritated and when she followed me on the chest cable fly machine, I thought she was going to have a bird right there, as I do 3 sets at 80 pounds with full range of motion, then I up it to 90 pounds and pull as far as I can, as I trying to reach 100 pounds by the first of the year.

I probably bench press more than that woman weighs, but because she is thin and cute, in her mind, she should be able to kick my ass on the machines and in the weight room. LOL Maybe she won't underestimate someone in the future because they carry extra weight.

On other fronts, DH is coming down with a cold and is taking Monday off from work. I already had a busy day in the works so in all probability, I won't be online much today and will have to go around and catch up on all of your blogs on Tuesday.

I'll be posting my monthly progress report within the next week or so and I am actually looking forward to it. Hope you're all doing well!

Where the mind goes, the body follows!


  1. Fantastic results! Well done on kicking Cardio Bunny's fluffy butt!

    I have similar experiences, but mostly related to walking... I can see much slimmer folks (mainly men, funnily enough) desperately trying to keep up with - and overtake - me when I'm walking, but I have a very long, quick stride and apart from Craig, walk faster than anyone else I know... I think they expect someone who is very overweight to shuffle/waddle along at a slow pace! ;o)

  2. I love the story about the cardio bunny. What you say is so true - people assume that because we don't look to be in shape, that we aren't in shape. What an incorrect assumption. In fact, I have witnessed many examples of people who are still a long way from their weight loss goal, but can outdo most people in the gym. Just wait until January 2nd, that number will go higher.

    Great job on making it work, even though the weather isn't cooperating. I know how frustrating that can be.

  3. Wow, that is some serious strength you have! Did that build from gym workouts or did some of that have to do CLX? I only have 8 pound and 5 pound dumbbells at home, so I haven't gotten CLX. That might be a 2010 thing though... just have to get some heavier weights!

  4. Sounds great, Lori-Ann, and I love you kicking skinny bitch's add on the weight machines! I'm in Philly, and the cold and wet weather is getting real old, and I know we don't get it as extremely as you do. I love that you did your walk/jog with an umbrella! That's determination. Very motivating and inspirational for me! Hope Monday is good, and DH feels better fast.

  5. Hi Lori-Ann. When you said the bunny was watching you and then came over to get a closer look - I thought you meant that she fancied you!!!!!!!!!

    So it could have been worse! I thought she was gonna try to pick you up!

    Well done with jogging using an umbrella. You need proper waterproofs - the type with a hood with an integral cap/visor front to keep the rain out of your eyes. I'm considering getting one myself. Although walking with an umbrella is easier than running.

    As Leslie said, your determination to exercise despite the weather is inspirational. Nothing's going to stop you!

    Hope your hubby is feels better soon.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. As the mind goes, the body follows. I like that. Alot. You are doing great Lori-Ann! I love the story of the gym bunny, made me laugh...:-) I am looking forward to your progress report, and know it is gonna be awesome!


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