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Monday, November 30, 2009

Awards and week in review, with a side of Peppers

I had a SUPER busy week last week and I am woefully behind in things I've been wanting to post about. So I am combining my weekly fitness review with my Hot 100 update and also acknowledging some awards that I received last week. Otherwise, I will be starting the week three posts behind--and since I have another busy week ahead, I don't want to do that. LOL

I also have a MILESTONE to report that I am super happy about, but let me get caught up first before I get into that.

So let's put friendship first and scope out the Deborah Award that I received! Ain't it purdy?

I am honored to have received two awards from my bear friend whose blog you can read here.
The above Deborah Award was originally created by Ces and you can read more about the award at her blog Ces and her Trees.

Steve over at Log My Loss is really great about stopping by various blogs to leave comments and encouragement, and he posts regularly in his own blog to share his journey and offer motivation. These awards are for the gals or Steve would be on the top of my list to receive them.

That said, I would like to pass the Deborah award on to the following women who are so generous in sharing their lives with their online friends and who never seem at a loss to offer words of encouragement. Thank you! Thank you for keeping your hearts open to the world and allowing the rest of us to benefit from your compassion, insight and good old fashioned friendship.

Sandra over at My Travels to Becoming a Better Me


Patsy over at Musings on a 100-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Leslie at Something Brilliant is Brewing

Helen at Doing a 180

Greta at Big Bottom Blogger

The Cilley Girl

Candace at Believing in C, C is me


Kat at Fit Body Mind Spirit

Larkspur at Am I Really that fat

Jo over at 282.5

Becca over at The Finish Line

Angie at who do you choose today

Greta over at Big Bottom Blogger

Some of you may have already received this award from someone else. That just goes to show how wonderful you are! I am sure that I missed many deserving recipients as I am only human. Perhaps in passing this award on, some of you can select a few who have never received an award yet or a few of the regular posters and commenters that I missed.

My Bearfriend also sent me a second award but I would like to think a bit more about whom to pass it along to...........I won't let too much time go by, I promise.

Week in Review
Last week was one of the busiest and stressful weeks that I can recall having in a long time, the result being that my fitness totals for the week really suck ass! I only walked a total of 2 hours and spent 40 minutes at the gym. I never did the ChaLEAN workouts or the Biggest Loser Boot camp DVD.

Luckily, I remained fairly consistent with my food as it wasn't a case of drifting off my path or getting lazy, but of truly being overwhelmed. I walked to the gym last Sunday and put in a good workout-- but it all went downhill from there, exercise wise.

Monday I helped my friend Mandy deliver more pet foods and supplies to some of the local animal shelters. That took all day and involved a lot of heavy lifting. On Tuesday, I went to my new doc and spent 2 1/2 hours there-- then came home to take my new meds and lay down, as I wasn't feeling great-- which is why I went in the first place. Wednesday I spent all morning shopping for Thanksgiving food and preparing whatever I could ahead of time. I also cleaned the lower level of my house.

On turkey day we had to get my 90-year old mother-in-law from her assisted living to our house without letting her fall, plus serve the turkey dinner - all of this is after poor Zeke being attacked by those four dogs during our morning walk.

Friday was the day that I broke down at the gym and was crying all over the place--so Jeff took me home. Saturday I had work obligations all day and I am so behind there I don't know how I'll catch up --LOL. (Don' t know why I'm laughing, it is NOT funny)

So that was my week! Yikes! LOL

This coming week, I have a lot of work to do, but no social obligations--so I should be able to squeeze in more exercise. I am still determined to finish the year out strong! That said, let's move on to the

Hot 100 Update

Food wise, I met my goals last week by eating 5-6 small meals a day and consuming foods rich in omega 3's at least 3 times. But I completely failed with the ChaLEAN goal as I didn't do it even once! I also didn't meet my exercise goal of 5 hours a week for the reasons listed above.

I am disappointed, but not beating myself up as there was a lot going on during a holiday week. Based on my visit to the new doc, I am making a NEW Hot 100 Goal! I want to weigh under 300 when I go back on December 29th. That means I have to lose at least 8 pounds, which I think is do-able. Actually, I'd love it if I could lose 10-15 by then, but I'm not going to stress myself out. 8 pounds is achievable if I focus. It will be GREAT to start the new year in the 200's. Last year, I started the new year at 430 pounds.

By the way, my new blood pressure medication is working out! It took a few days, but I don't wake up with headaches any more. A side effect is it can make you feel tired, but I have noticed that feeling getting less every day as my system adapts. Going to the new doc was the best thing I have done for myself since starting my fitness journey almost a year ago.

Big News - I RAN Yesterday!
Yesterday, (Sunday) we had to attend a birthday party for a family member who turned 100 years old. Yup, 100. Talk about a Hot 100 challenge! LOL! Anyway, Sunday is a gym day for us and being that last week sucked so bad, I wanted to start this week out really strong. I planned to really work my ass off in the gym.

During my walk to the gym, I don't know what came over me, but I decided to try running for a minute and see what would happen. Honestly, I thought I would run 5-6 steps and have to stop. I was completely shocked when I was able to go a distance of about 100 feet.

I walked for awhile, then did it again. Once again,I was totally shocked by how far I went. Yes, it was a very slow jog, not a run. And being 307 pounds I was not moving with grace but with determination-- but I did it! I kept this up the entire 3 miles to the gym.

I named this blog "Amazon Runner" when I created it, because my dream has always been to be able to run again. Even though I have come to love the weight lifting, I want to run. I have never fully believed that I would be able to run again-- until today! Oh, I hoped I would, but didn't know if it would ever really happen. My favorite part of this fitness journey is those moments when you surprise yourself and realize that your dreams are slowly coming true.

I didn't see myself starting a running program until the spring, when I planned to start the couch to 5k program. I am NOT going to officially start that now as I have a ton of other goals I am working on and don't want to overwhelm myself. But I will keep doing this walk/run thing from now on-- putting no pressure whatsoever on myself to run a complete mile by any certain day.

Anyway, I was so excited by this unexpected development and wanted to share! In terms of that Birthday party-- I have great pics from it that I'll post soon and I am proud to say that I did NOT eat cake! I thought about the gut-twisting hunger pains I'd end up with if I ate pasta, bread and cake, so I didn't!

I have a super busy day that I must get on with! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Be good to you today!


  1. I am CHEERING here at my desk for you! Congrats on the running, girl! I straight-up l-o-v-e moments like this. Moments when we, for a second, don't let doubt hold us back but forge ahead and challenge ourselves just a wee bit more. It never ceases to amaze me what can be achieved even when I think I'm at my limits. LOVE IT! xoxox

  2. Oh My, I am honored again to receive an award from you Lori-Ann - thank you very much. It is because of people like you that I am able to share my friendship - thank you.

    And Running - yahoo!! Way to go!!One step at a time and you've made that first one .... I'm proud. :)

  3. OMG... I have (literally!) tears welling up in my eyes because you've already achieved your ultimate goal - to run again! :-D

    I honestly haven't run (if you could even call it that!) since I was about 14 years old and I would LOVE to be able to just jog for a bit... I can walk VERY fast (Craig is the only person who can keep up with me!) but to be able to run would be fantastic! Have you checked out Diane's blog - - it's REALLY good. :o)

    Thanks so much for the award - I've already been given it, but I still REALLY appreciate it!

    We have almost the same short-term weight goal... I want to be below 280lbs by Christmas, which is a 7lbs loss... I'm sure we can both achieve our respective goals!

  4. YAY! for running!!! Good news, better accomplishment. I see a Turkey Trot in your 2010 future missy. I'm proud of you for adjusting your Hot 100 goals too and I'd venture to say Steve will be super proud. I think this is what he ultimately had in mind. I am so touched by the award, thank you.

  5. AWESOME post!!! So happy for all the good news you shared. I know exactly how you felt running...I started the couch to 5K this last week - didn't think I could run at all...but one foot in front of the other - I made it thru week one (3 day cycle).
    It's like becoming a whole new person one lil accomplishment at a time. So fun to share that with you - the same week - we both learn we can and WILL run again!

  6. Hi Lori-Ann,

    Thank you so much for your amazingly kind and insightful post on my blog just now. You really said some key things that I hadn't thought what will I have to show up for when I can't use weight as an excuse, and what will I be called to do when my main life goal is to lose weight!

    Onto another thank you for the Deborah award! That is the one Bearfriend passed my way that I haven't yet addressed, but will tomorrow for sure. You are very kind to send it my way also, and I definitely boomerang right back your way. Your heart shines through every post - and it is a big heart full of kindness, friendship, love, support, and humor! Thank you so much.

    Finally, congratulations on running again! That is one of my goals too, and in trying it a few months back as my weight was coming down, I think it helped contribute to my wonky knee injury! But it is still a goal, at least to jog a bit along with my endless walking and elliptical stuff.

    I think your goal of being below 300 by the next Dr. appointment is entirely doable, and given your determination and hard work, success is inevitable. Can't wait to read about it!

  7. Wow! Amazing job on the running! It is really astounding to do that for the first time, isn't it?! You are coming along so well and this is just one more victory in a long, long line of others yet to come!!!

    Thank you SO much for the award! I really appreciate that you took the time to present me with it and I will post about it a little later on my blog. Thanks!!!

  8. Thank you for the award. I am honored. =)

    How wonderful! I love that you ran! I love that you plan to continue what you're doing until you start the couch to 5K. I bet that you were just on top of the world!

    It's so nice when we have these moments to be able to share--I get so excited when I read about someone's accomplishment! Yours is amazing and I'm so very happy for you!

  9. Hi Lori-Ann. I don't think most Americans met their health and fitness goals for last week LOL! But the main thing is that your eating is solid. And the eating is at least 80% of this thing.

    Great news about the running! To keep that going for 3 miles is amazing. Just shows that your dreams can come true. I hope there's a lot more running to come!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  10. Lori-Ann, thanks for thinking of me with the award, even though it isn't geared towards us guys. :-)

    You will be running in no time. I cannot imagine jogging for three miles. That is nothing short of spectacular! Great job!

  11. Hey, WOOT! Bells and streamers! Gratz on the running!

    Sounds like you had a hell of a week and did very well, all things considered.

    Thank you for thinking of me for that very pretty award. I will display it proudly!

  12. Thank you so much for the award Lori-Ann. It is a beautiful award and I really appreciate it! I left you a message on daily mile about your running, but want give you a shout out here too - Woo Hoo! Congratulations, I think this is really a huge milestone. You are working so diligently and it is so cool to see you reaping the rewards of your hard work! Here's to finishing the year strong. I know you can do it!

  13. Congrats on the running, that is awesome!

  14. Thanks so much for the award :) Congrats on running-you are amazing~

  15. Oh my gosh!! I don't know where to begin...I feel so behind on your blog too ;) haha. So, first of all, THANK YOU for the award!! That's so unexpected and awesome (and it really IS pretty!). Second, glad to hear the new medication is working and the headaches are gone. And last but not least, congratulations on running!!! I just freaked out in my chair. What a great feeling, huh? I think everyone who reads your blog is jumping for joy right now in your honor :)

  16. Running is amazing! Congratulations and the running and on the awards. Very deserving.


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