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Monday, November 2, 2009

It lives!

Ok, I am back. Thank heavens! I started with the mother of all sore throats and cold symptoms, then that seemed to morph into something more flu-like--- as I was body achy, feverish, dizzy, weak, etc .

I literally have only had the flu maybe three times in my whole life. I get a few colds a year but basically, my immune system seems able to fight things off pretty well. That's a freakin' miracle given how I have mistreated my body over the years.

If something is going around where people vomit, I generally just get a bit sick to my stomach and get diarreah for a day. I rarely have ever vomited in my life either. Just something my body doesn't seem to want to do.

So for me to be down for the count like this is really something else. I hope this never happens to me again. I've been living on grapefruit juice, zinc and vitamin C drops and protein shakes so I KNOW I must have lost weight. LOL I don't know if I could say it was worth it though!

My exercise is all frigged up and I haven't recorded any food or exercise in my body-minder journal since this all started.

So I am back in the saddle as of right now. I will visit everyone's blogs and try to get caught up. I haven't even been on the computer--that's how bad it was. I admit to being totally addicted to my computer. For me to be off-line for a week is huge!

Anyway, I was only about a week into the second phase of ChaLEAN when this started so I think what I'm gonna do is just start that phase all over. The week before I got sick I was swamped with work and didn't record my exercise-- so, I think I will count this as week one of the second phase.

I feel so distant from my body and from the exercise. Today was the first day I was well enough to be aware of it and it scares me. I don't want to overdo but I really need to get back on my path.

One "plus" was that I felt too crappy to give a shit about eating halloween candy. I was not even tempted.

Because the obesity rate among children is on the rise, I felt very conflicted about giving out Halloween candy. I have always loved halloween and dressing up since I was a kid. LOVE IT!

For the past few weeks, DH and I have been discussing alternatives to candy. We got VERY few trick or treaters, maybe 30 kids, tops. I wasn't even up to getting dressed up. I sat on the porch with Jeff for awhile but I just wasn't well enough to really get into it the way I like to.

I have to think about this before next year. I don't feel good about giving out candy, and yet I love this dying holiday and feel sad to see how much it has declined since I was a kid.

Anyway, I am jumping all over the place and not making sense. Just so excited to be upright! I will post more tomorrow!


  1. My idea of very few trick or treaters is the number I have had the past three years: zero. I always get a small bag of candy just in case, but nobody really knows our triplex is really a triplex; it looks like a single family residence from the front.

    What about giving out the small sized CLIF bars or something like that? I got their blueberry crisp as race schwag recently and it was like eating a barely cooked oatmeal cookie (I like my cookies underdone, not crispy). So tasty! And they are low cal and very healthy. Definitely a better alternative to just candy.

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. I can totally understand your conflicting opinions about handing out candy. There are just so few other good alternatives for halloween.

  3. Glad you are recovering! Sounds a bit swiney to me....what do you think? At least you are now immune to whatever it is that you got. Happy weigh-in...the silver lining at least.

  4. So glad you're back on your feet again, you poor little thing... :o( (I feel I am one of the few people who can get away with calling you 'little'!)

    I'm SO lucky that at my age, I've only had flu once in my entire life. Unlike you, it doesn't take much to make me vomit - even bending over the loo has been know to make me spew... I must be the world's least successful bulimic (sorry that was pretty sick - no pun intended!)

    Now it's time to get your arse in gear and get on with your ChaLEAN Extreme if you're fit enough! I've just bought the same set of DVDs (I know, I'm such a copycat, but you raved about it so much I had to check it out!) and as soon as the tendonitis in my arms is better (and it's now starting to improve) I'm going to get started with it and kick your butt! :-P

    So glad to see you back again!

    Bye for now

    Patsy x

  5. Oh my gosh - That does sound swiney...Glad you survived it, and hopefully you had a good supply of Jello and broth :)

    For trick or treaters...what about gum?

  6. Glad you are better and raring to go. Just don't overdo it as you are still recovering. These illnesses can certainly take a lot out of you....
    I know what you mean about the candy issue - that thought crossed my mind quite often. If you give out anything healthy, it just gets thrown out.....

  7. Hi Lori-Ann. Well that's one way to avoid temptation at Halloween!

    Glad you're feeling better now. Good luck with getting back into the swing of things this week. Take care not to overdo it though.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  8. Glad you are feeling better. Hope this is a good week for you.


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