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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Milestones & a recipe from DH

Ok, lately, I have sucked ass as a blogger. LOL

I don't even want to try and get you guys all caught up, suffice it to say a lot has been going on but I think things are settling.

Today was a gym day and I haven't really worked myself at capacity since before I got sick. So today, I walked to the gym and then put in a 90 minute (yes, 90-minute) work-out once I got there.

At the end, I was definitely out of gas but it felt great to be able to really push myself. On the subject of the gym, when I joined I bought a body minder journal and I log my food and exercise in there.

The journal is good for 13 weeks. Today marked the day of beginning a NEW body minder journal. So I completed 13-weeks of going to the gym and did so faithfully other than the week I was sick-- so I am very proud of this milestone.

You have a place to record your measurements and other stats at the beginning and end of each body minder book. In another week or so it will be time to post my monthly progress pics and measurements so I won't go into detail here -- suffice it to say for now that in 13-weeks I have lost over 2 feet of inches off my body! YIKES! That's a lot!

Also, I set two goals 13-weeks ago. One was to be able to lift weights for one hour at a time and the other to be able to walk for 3 miles at a time. I can do both so will have to set some new goals.

Today was a gorgeous day. Here it is November and I was able to walk to the gym in a tank top and spandex capris. It has to get cold eventually, this is New England, after all, so I spent every minute that I could outside today. DH and I raked leaves and puttered around in what remains of our garden.

Speaking of DH, when I was sick he had to cook for himself and normally, he is not that good at it. LOL!!!- But he made something that he was so proud of that when I got better, he made it for me too ---portabello mushroom pizzas. YUM

Mushrooms are one veggie that I cannot stand raw, so DH precooked mine a bit in a skillet before making my pizza. Anyway, at Trader Joe's we had bought an eggplant and garlic relish that is only 15 calories a serving and we used that for the sauce. But you can use ordinary tomato sauce or even a slice of fresh tomato if you prefer.

Anyway, dress up a portabello mushroom with some sauce and low-fat motz cheese and put under the broiler until bubbly. OMG--- so good. And vegetarians can eat it, as well as those who cannot have gluten.

A portobello is only about 30 calories. So if you don't go crazy with the cheese, you can keep these at about 100 calories each. We chowed down on two each with a salad for dinner the other night and I estimated my calories for that meal at about 300. I was quite full as portabellos are pretty big!

Regarding The Biggest Loser -- they had Tracey on the Jay Leno show last week and she seemed heavier on his show than she did in the footage they showed at the end of TBL--so I think she has creeped back up a bit.

Anyway, Gotta go. It's good to be back! (Again) and I should be resuming regular posts again!


  1. Yay for you! And yay for being back -- I've missed the motivation I always get from reading you :)

  2. I think that is such an awesome idea! when I get over the sick I will try those

  3. Glad you could walk to the gym and enjoy the gerat weather......

  4. Sorry that things have been so crazy recently... Hope you're feeling a lot better now. How are things with your Uncle and that situation? Hope it's not too stressful on top of everything else...

    Your other half's recipe sounds great! I've got portabello mushroom (love 'em!) along with low-fat mozarella and baby spinach in the fridge, so I'm sure I could concoct something with them. Did you see my recent recipe for tofu 'nachos'?!? Even confirmed tofu-hater, Craig, loves them!

    Bye for now

    Patsy x

  5. You SHOULD be proud of your milestone! Are you going to share your new goals with us? I love to grill portobellos and then dress them up on a bun like they're a hamburger - yummy!

  6. Hey, great work on 13 weeks!

    Re Tracey, it would be harsh to have the whole country scrutinizing your weight. But I suppose a good motivator.

  7. Hi Lori-Ann. Wow! Long work out! And congrats on completing 13 weeks and achieving so much in that time.

    Great for DH with the cooking as well! You want to keep that thing going ....

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx


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