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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time Management & Getting Caught Up

We had these for dinner the other night and they are pretty good. We aren't vegetarians but we eat meat less than we used to and we're always looking for low-calorie alternatives to fish. We got these at TRADER JOE'S and I would buy them again.

Well, since I started this journey back in March, things have gone pretty well. I've always known that eventually something would happen and I'd be challenged more---- that time has come.

The issue is not food or exercise but TIME MANAGEMENT and record keeping. Last week, I ate right but did a half-ass job of logging my food. Same thing with the exercise, I squeezed it in at odd times but did not record it properly.

Each year, we select three Lakota families who will be helped in the month of December. This decision is made in October, so last week I was pouring over the family info sheets and had numerous conference calls -- I think some days, between the conferenece calls and my usual calls I was on the phone 6-8 hours a day.

Another thing I noticed was an urge to OVEREAT and to eat the wrong things. I didn't binge or run out to buy candy -- but the DESIRE was there for the first time in a long time. It was easy for me to connect this to the decision about the families to help. The final decision is mine and with so many sad and difficult stories it is not an easy process.

I can delve into my memory and "see" myself in prior years, sitting at my desk with files spread out all around me EATING (ALWAYS EATING), talking on the phone, crying, etc.-- all through the decision-making process. Yikes, no wonder I put on another 20 pounds every winter.

The good news is, I came through all of this with no mindless eating and I did squeeze in exercise but recorded neither very well. Consequently--- for this past week, I am only going to log myself for two hours of exercise.

DH suggested that maybe I no longer need to log my food as I just went through a very stressful week, didn't log my food and did not binge. I still think I need to do it for awhile though. I need that accountablility or I may slowly start drifting toward larger portions.

I was given another award by two of you (thank you) and I promise to put that up and pass it along before the weekend.

I am about to go out for my walk and I WILL be recording it, as well as my food . LOL

The BIGGEST LOSER last night had one of the teams going home for the week and it was as if the episode were custom made for me and the sort of week I had. Yes, life can be stressful and BUSY. Kids and jobs can be demanding and time-consuming. But we HAVE to eat right and somehow prioritize exercise so that it gets done. And if we promised ourselves that we'd record our food and exercise, we simply have to do it.

Anyway, I was too busy yesterday to read your blogs so I will be getting caught up with that today. I hope that you're all doing well.


  1. "...we simply have to do it"

    Wiser words have not been written my friend. Glad to hear those veggie burgers are good as I just bought the curry flavored version of that same brand but hadn't tried one yet.

  2. The veggie burgers look pretty good. There's a Trader Joe's in my town. I'll have to look for them. I'm in your category: I'm not a vegetarian but I eat less meat than I used to. Good way to put it.

  3. I have had those from Trader Joe's, just have to drive two hours to get to trader joes

  4. I've seen those burgers at Trader Joe's and now will get them. I like Boca burgers, so I'll probably also like Dr. P's. I love your post here, and it's right on track with what I wrote about today, which involved starting to set goals and be more purposeful about my weightloss and fitness journey. My program is full of holes right now, so I decided to tighten it up. I always enjoy your thoughts, and appreciated you being able to trace your desire to overeat with thinking about the Lakota family project. Good stuff.

  5. Why are you looking for low calorie alternatives to fish?

  6. I eat salmon a minimum of three times a week, tilapia or cod at least once a week AND have tuna for lunch once or twice a week.

    I look for an alternative to fish because I need to eat something besides fish and don't want to eat beef or pork too often as there are better alternatives.

    I should have said that I am looking for an alternative to eating chicken,beef or pork on the nights that we don't have fish.

  7. Yummy veggie burgers! Did I mention I LOVE Mexican food?!? ;o)

    Well done for keeping a lid on the bingeing. Like you, sweets are my big downfall, although I can take or leave chocolate... Weird, huh? I also LOVE potato chips and can eat half a pound of those with no trouble whatsoever... :o( No wonder I'm such a chuffer! lol

    Thanks for your comment on yesterday's blog... Could you send me a link to info about Sun Dance next year? All I can find is the bloomin' film festival when I do a search! Not promising anything, but if I can't find accommodation in Seattle at the end of May... :o)

    Congrats on the award! *sigh* If only I was as popular... ;o)

    Have fun!

    P x

  8. If you ever ever ever get the random and strange chance, you should read Thomas Edison's Journal and Observations. I know it sounds like the most random and weird suggestion ever, but after getting to "know" your blogging self, I think you might appreciate and be entertained by it...speaking of logging everything.

    Also - I am not a veggie either, but I eat veggie about 3 times per week because it's just easier on my IBS issues and I sleep better/have less anxiety as a result.

    I sometimes make my own veggie patties by mashing black beans, shrooms, an egg, some flour, and some salt and pepper together, but I'm still frying them, so not sure if that's all that great.

  9. Hi Lori-Ann. Sorry I didn't manage to leave a comment yesterday - I was too depressed. But I can assure you I spent ages and ages just looking at all those beautiful items! I'll keep checking your Ebay site for a gift for my healer. I know it would mean a lot to her and be very special. I'll email you my details so you can unblock me and then when I see something I can just go for it.

    Maybe you could put a sample of current items on sale on this web page like people do with stuff they have on sale at Etsy? Don't know if you can do that with Ebay. But if Blogger allow people to put up Etsy sales then I don't see why not Ebay.

    Great that you were mindful enough not to overeat. That is really great progress. And well done on getting that exercise done!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  10. Glad you got through your stress and came out on the other side. i think you did awesome.

    I can see why that would stress you so much. It would me, too.


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