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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monthly Progress Report w/Photos


It's time for the monthly progress report with pics. I thought I would lose more from my neck as DH said my neck and chin looks different. But according to the tape measure, it stayed the same.

This month, I lost two inches from my chest, two and a half inches from my waist, one and a half inches from my hips, one half inch from my upper arms, one inch from each thigh, and one half inch from each calf. That's a total of ten inches lost this month! Woo hoo, yeah baby!

This brings total inches lost since mid-July to twenty-six. I wish that I could have taken my measurements from the very beginning back in March-- but even if I had been psychologically able to do it, the tape measure wouldn't have fit acound me.

Anyway, here are my monthly pics for August, September and October. I am not yet comfortable posting the side-view pics or the naked back shots. You have my promise that one day I will.

August 2009

September 2009

October 2009

I lost more off my waist this month than I did previously. I attribute this to the careful attention to my diet, the increase in walking and the ab burner work out that I've been doing.

I've increased my personal best in several weight lifting exercises this month. I am now able to do cable flies with 50 pounds! I started at 10 pounds 3 months ago! I think that I am stronger now than I ever was before.

There is a lot more muscular development in my arms than what shows right now. I FEEL great and cannot wait until I start looking more fit!

Staying on target with my food has become a routine and MOST days it is not a struggle. When I have a case of the hungries, I'll have an egg white omlette, a bowl of oatmeal or something healthy like that.

Blogging and reading the blogs of others is a HUGE part of my success. I appreciate all of you putting yourselves out there and sharing what I know to be a difficult journey.

My BIGGEST problem is my impatience. They say that the older you get the harder it is to lose weight, and I am finding this is true. When I was younger I could easily drop 5-6 pounds a week if I was careful about what I ate and exercised faithfully.

I am NOT weighing myself right now but I know that I am not losing at that rate even though I am working HARDER than I ever have before. If you are still young, do yourself a favor and resolve the weight issue NOW.

I wanted to be at a certain weight range by the end of the year, by my Birthday in February, by next summer................ and I am seeing now that unless my body kicks into a higher gear all of a sudden, this is going to take longer than I thought and I will have to work harder than I ever have before to achieve what I want.

In the past, my disappointment and frustration over this might have caused me to give up. But ya know what, fuck it-- bring it on! I just have to keep doing the right things again and again and when I reach my goals, I reach my goals. I'll get there when I get there.

Anyway, that's my progress report for this month! I will work hard so that I have another good report next month. Be good to you today!

(Honestly, I am not homophobic or prejudiced. I simply like jokes that aren't politically correct. Somene emailed this to me and I thought I'd share. If you don't think it's funny, oh well.. I'll just have to try harder next time)


  1. Can I just say how great your doing. the pictures are awesome...i agree your face/neck are looking different no matter what the tape measure said! Your movin right along and doing so well.
    i struggle with getting impatient too...that is probably my biggest weakness! Keep up the awesome work...your so rockin this weight loss!

  2. OMG - you look absolutely GREAT!!!! You are going to kick it for the next 60 days with the rest of the ChaLean! What an improvement in strength and you can certainly see the difference. You have done a fantastic job Lori-Ann and I look forward to watching your progress.

  3. Bloody hell! The pictures make you like you've lost a LOT more than the tape measure reveals! I wish I had your slim legs! lol Want to swap!? ;o)

    You lost a shitload of weight in a very short space of time at the start of the year, so that is probably one reason the numbers have slowed down, even if the results haven't... Hope that makes sense? I know how hard you're working and I'm trying to do the same.

    The funny thing is - and this is not 'Patsy In Denial'! - my body is slimmer and more toned than I would have ever thought possible at the weight I am! I'm fitting into clothes that I *should* only be able to wear when I'm at least 30lbs lighter... I can only attribute that to the all the exercise. I also think my posture has improved remarkably. which can't hurt! God, I LOVE being tall! :o)

    I just bought 'The New Rules of Lifting for Women', so I'm waiting (impatiently!) for that to arrive. My bookshelves will soon be devoid of books on my usual interests and filled with body sculpting manuals! lol

    I may not be the skinniest I've ever been by my birthday next May, but I'm confident I'll be the strongest and fittest!

    Well done. :o)

  4. I completely understand your frustration with the speed of things - you know I do! But, you can't look at those pictures and deny that you ARE making fantastic progress. I'm glad you have that bring it on attitude.

  5. Wow, you are making some serious progress lady!!!! Keep after it!

  6. Hey Lady - You look beautimous! Keep up the good work! It's funny because reading your blog, I think, Oh my gosh, I can't believe how well this person is doing. She's lost so much weight in such a short period of time...then I see the pics and they speak to that truth as well...I know it's not the same as really for really real feeling it inside, regarding where you had hoped to be. Take heart, Type A :) Like YOU always say, be good to you :)

  7. First of all, great work on the progress. I commend you for taking the photos. For me, they have provided just the record I need. By the way, I can tell a big difference.

    Of course, the slow loss gets frustrating, but that can speed up. I have noticed I go through spells where I don't really change anything, but the weight loss speeds or slows. I have no idea why. You have the right attitude though. Just keep doing the right thing, the weight will follow.

  8. Catching up with your blog. Sounds like it went well with your day in court. And you're right skinny doesn't mean healthy and overwt people who exercise are in better shape than nl wt people who don't

    Loved the post about your Lakota connection and definitely want to hear more. Also pics of your garden. I too love spending several hours doing yard work. "Functional fitness"

    You're looking great and making good progress. Commitment to both proper diet and exercise is the key! You are an inspiration.

    I am going to get the Saga of the Divine Secrets of the Fat Fat Sisterhood written. I swear! I'd like you to email me your top 2 or 3 healthy lifestyle mantras, and the same for those "excuses" dee3three at gmail dot com. Coming to a blog near you soon!

  9. Hi. Congrats on your progress! I think the pictures tell the story. Great mental attitude not to be put off by slower weight loss than you hoped for. You're still doing really well.

    I'm trying to get the joke - I think I understand it - but doesn't really work for me as UK slang is different - if that's how it's supposed to be working that is!

    Happy Saturday to you!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  10. Just to be sure I gave you the right email address: dee3three at gmail dot com

  11. ROFLMAO, that is DAMN funny!!

    And what a difference in your pics!!

  12. Wow! I just got to your blog today and your progress is great. Very noticeable. Your positive attitude is great and inspiring. I'm working on soaking some of it up! Keep up the excellent work. And I'm with you about not getting on the scale right now. Clearly you're getting results!

  13. The visible differences are astounding. The way I try to judge progress pictures is that if you mix up the order, could you put them back in the right order. It would be so freaking easy with yours, because there are multiple points of visible progress in each.

    Keep kicking ass and taking names, you are my hero.

  14. Wow, your doing great!

    I too wish that I had taken measurements when I started my weight loss journey. I had just never thought of it until much later.

    Keep on keepin on girl! :)

  15. I found your blog earlier this week and I LOVE IT!!! I too am tall, 6', and I weight 318. I'm getting started, again, and need inspirational people, like YOU, to read about to keep me going!

    Your pictures are AMAZING, you're looking great! I just have to say you have beautiful legs!! I WISH!!!

    As I've read through some of your blogs I've noticed you are very knowledgable about weight training. Since I'm just starting this weight loss journy I've thought I should wait to lift weights until I take off a few pounds. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for sharing your journey!!!

  16. I'm from the UK and I understood the joke... In fact, I saved the pic and sent it on to a few friends... Like you, I'm not homophobic/racist/sexist/ageist (yeah, I'm a bloody saint!) but it still made me lol :o)

  17. Quick message! Not sure if my email got through?! (I have probs with yahoo and hotmail addresses!)

    I thought you'd be amused to know I posted my blog as a new messages in that yahoo group we both used to belong to. I haven't posted there since you left, although I've not unsubscribed yet as I've found the daily digest reinforces our belief about those groups and confirms my belief that blogging is the right community for motivation and to motivate. :o) As there have been a number of new, enthusiastic members joining the group recently, I'm hoping they'll take a look and maybe take onboard what I've said about those groups and try blogging themselves...

    Who knows, but it's worth a try!

  18. I can tell a definite difference. You are so smart to do progress photos. I should start doing the same.

  19. You looks so great, the difference is so obvious! Congrats!

  20. Hi LoriAnn - Thanks for your comment to my Delving Deep post. I don't know about "the soul of your bones" but would love to know more if you get the chance. Very interesting. I also enjoyed your post about the Lakota connection and look forward to more of the same! tAke care - Leslie

  21. Excellent progress! Well well done! And, I am adding your suggested songs (posted over at my blog) to my playlist. :) Thanks...and keep rockin' it! Whoot!!!

  22. The pic made me laugh! You look terrific.
    I definitely saw loss in your legs.


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