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Monday, October 5, 2009

OMG, IPods Rule! Who knew?

It feels like it's been DAYS since I sat down to really post and I've had no time to go around and read my favorite blogs, so I am dedicating some time today for getting caught up.

I do have some NSV (non-scale victories) to share along with my updates from the weekend! I also have some pics of the weekend posted below.

Jeff's sister, Judy and her husband Dr Bob (yes, he really is a doctor, he doesn't just play one on TV) were up visiting from Georgia. We only get to see them once or twice a year so this was great!!

We went out to dinner Sunday night with Judy, Dr Bob, Jeff's other sister Susan and her husband, Joe, and Jeff's mom. I ate some things that I normally wouldn't eat, such as a salad with Caesar dressing, but I am happy to report that did not go crazy. I had scallops that came with mashed potatoes and spinach. I am sure this had real butter in it -- but I planned on eating something like that and kept my calories so low all day that even if I consumed 1000 calories at dinner, I'd be ok.

Luckily, this restaurant isn't one to put baskets of bread and butter on the table -- that was always a weakness of mine. I was grateful that I didn't have to sit there fighting temptation over bread all night. I did not drink -- and that was hard! But I KNEW that if I drank I'd end up throwing caution to the wind and eating everything in site, so I held firm to that.

DH ordered a piece of cheesecake with raspberry sauce for dessert. I am proud to say that I ate a few bites of his instead of ordering my own, and I was satisfied with that.

One really funny thing that happened centered around this young man and his date who were sitting a table away from us. He was SO hairy on the head and face that he looked like those Neanderthal guys on the Geico commercials. I was sitting between Jeff and his sister Susan and we kept laughing.

Luckily, I wasn't drinking or I would have walked over and asked him if he was going to order the roast duck with the mango salsa like the caveman in the commercial. LOL (Don't worry, we aren't mean-spirited people, so the young man never knew how entertained we were by his personal style. LOL)

After dinner we went to hang out at mom's house for awhile. I brought one of the skirts with me that I bought back in March, at the beginning of the pow wow season. I was thinking that I could now fit one or two people in this skirt with me and I was right. Check this out!

Judy and I could both fit in it. This skirt used to be so tight on me that the waistband left a big indentation all the way around my body. I'm hoping that by Christmas I'll be able to squeeze another person in there. LOL! If you look at the arm that I have around Judy you can see the delt development I have started there.. Wooo-hoo, yeah baby! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Jeff's sister Susan and her husband Joe. Too bad the Geico Caveman isn't in the background. LOL.

Jeff's sister Judy and her husband Bob, affectionately known as "Dr Bob." (He is a pediatric radiologist.)

On other fronts, we were in Trader Joe's on Saturday and found these "Teeny Tiny Potatoes." Being Irish, I couldn't resist a potato that is this darn cute. Andrew was coming for dinner so I bought a bag. I haven't had white potatoes in MONTHS-- I've been limiting myself to a baked sweet potato once or twice a week.

Anyway, I roasted these with fresh rosemary, onions, garlic, a sprinkle of sea salt and a splash or two of olive oil.

The house smelled wonderful while this was cooking. There was a time when DH and I would have hosed this whole pan ourselves along with half a pound of meat each! But we shared with Andrew during dinner and STILL had a serving leftover. These were good and I would definitely make them again.

While Andrew was over, he went with Jeff to Best Buy and contributed towards the purchase of an IPod as he had missed Jeff's Birthday last month. We have never owned an Ipod. That's right, NEVER! This is a 16GB Ipod Nano.

It has been years since we walked or exercised and I haven't even been able to find any old walkmans or diskmans around the house. So I have been doing my walks "au natural." I borrowed Jeff's Ipod for my walk yesterday and it was so freakin' AMAZING that somehow I have to come up with a quick $200 and get my own!

I LOVE music and have about 600 CDs (yeah, no shit), so I've been loading our favorites onto the computer so we can listen to them on the Ipod (soon to be plural). I'm sitting here plotting ways to raise the money for my own Ipod --I'll come up with something as I'm motivated! LOL

I realize that we are mega years behind everyone else on this. If I had realized how great Ipods are I would have figured out a way to get one a long time ago.

Anyway, I need to get my exercise done and get on with my day!

Do something good for you today!


  1. The picture is just fantastic - amazing progress you have done in a very short time. Congrats!!!
    And in regards to the iPod - there is no way I could survive without mine. I have thousands and thousands of songs and other "stuff" on it and it has become my life. I could not survive without it and if it broke or I lost it, I would have to immediately go out and get a new one... I just don't know what I would do :)

  2. Ipods are the best! Especially when you get a yen for a song and can buy it instantly... could get a little scary. I have a Touch and I'll never be bored again. Games, movies, calorie counting aps... you name it.

    Great skirt picture!

  3. Thanks for the pics of the potatoes.

    LOL about the iPod. I must be the only person who just doesn't care for it.

  4. Great pictures! I like the skirt photo and the potatoes look fantastic!

    I get along well with a Shuffle. It holds a few hundred songs which is just right because you can sort of filter through your music and only put the ones you really like on there. I could never fill up 16gb if my life depended on it. Plus I like that it is so small.

  5. Yum. I shouldn't be reading this right before lunch because I feel like I could dive into that picture and eat every one of those potatoes! I have an iPod that's only 4 gigs and it's plenty big enough for me. Those only cost a bit over $100.

  6. Love the skirt picture! Your progress so far is amazing. As well as your strength and determination to remain firm at dinner. Good for you!!
    I love my i-pod. Actually I'm borrowing a friend's and really, really ought to get my own very soon. It makes a workout that much more enjoyable doesn't it?

  7. Wow, that potato supper looks AMAZING! If only there was such a thing as smell-o-internet!! :)

    And, don't feel so bad about the Ipod. I don't have one either! I'd love to have one one day, though. You might be able to find a good one on the internet, maybe even a refurbished one (my dad used to always get our cell phones refurbished, and they always worked fine). This is why I can't bring myself to buy an Ipod ... can't justify $200!!

    By the way, I wanted to let you know that I've given you the Over the Top award! Feel free to stop by my blog and pick it up anytime! :D

  8. Girl you are rockin!!!! What a great inspiration that skirt pic is for me! thanks so much!

    - Lisa

  9. I've got an 8BG iPod Nano and the only way I could fill it up would be to put every single song I've ever ripped on to it. And you really can't run to somebody like Norah Jones (I'd say Barry Manilow but you CAN run to Barry Manilow).

    If you really want cool, get the Nike+iPod -- it keeps all of your distance history, pace, tells you how far you've gone, etc. It's only about $20, sans accessories (an armband, a footpod holder). I love mine!

  10. Oooh girl I see those front delts coming in! I love me some muscles on a female. :)

    I totally have like 3 mp3 players, if you need to borrow one until you can buy one let me know. The extras aren't the I-pod brand, but still work for the purpose, let me know.

  11. Those potatoes look fabulous, and so do you. Congrats on your transformation!

  12. Those potatoes look incredible. I roasted some brussel sprouts last night that were good (if you like brussels). What remarkable progress you've made - fitting 2 of you into an old skirt. Great picture!

    You will love the has revolutionized my exercising, though I still like to walk in quiet sometimes as well.


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