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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Fitness Challenge For Women

Over at the JP (Just Pure) Fitness Forums there is a challenge starting in a few days that I will be participating in.

You must commit to a fitness program for 6-months. Many women there are using the New Rules of Lifting for Women or their own variation of that program. But you can use ANY body conditoning program, even one that you designed for yourself. You can also change your program during the challenge so long as you state what you are doing and follow it.

You MUST post your body stats (weight and measurements) at the beginning of each month, along with a progress pic. Your head can be cut off the progress pic if you don't want your face on the internet.

You can keep a training log there, but you are not obligated to do that. You will need to post your monthly progress in the thread provided for that no matter what though. I have already committed to my current program for 6-months so this just means that I'll be posting my stats in another location besides here.

The changes I need must be for the rest of my life so if I can't do something for 6-months, I will have a problem! LOL

If you've been following my blog, you know that I don't weigh myself at home. In order to do this challenge, that will have to change and I'll have to weigh monthly.

We have a scale here that weighs us about ten pounds less than the one at our Dr's. We checked, and the scale we have at home matches the one at our gym- so I could very well be about ten pounds less in actual weight than what I weigh at the Dr's. Sweet!

I am posting about this challenge here in case any of the gals are interested in participating or following the progress of others.

You can get more info about it HERE.

You can view the training log I created for this challenge by clicking HERE.

That's it for today!

Be good to you!



  1. I'll have to go take a look tomorrow-thanks for the info~

  2. I wish you much success and will be looking forward to your progress reports!

  3. Good luck to you Lori-Ann. Oh, and I love the cat picture and caption!

  4. Awww, the cat looks just like my Nini. :)I wish you all success in the challenge.

  5. I admire how many bloggers are doing the various blog challenges that's just great Lori-Ann. Maybe soon I can do something like that.

    The kitty looks real cute and I agree. I'm not fat... I'm just fluffy.

  6. Good luck with this! I know you've lost the 'bulk' of your weight already, but from now on is when you'll REALLY see the incredible changes!

    No way are you ever going to need to buy two plane seats or use an extender seatbelt!

  7. All I can say is wow, phenominal work so far. I wish you continued success and I will be watching your progress like a hawk :).


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