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Friday, January 1, 2010

Ut oh, I have Hypothyroidism!

Move outta the way cardio bunnies! The kick-butt Kitty is here!

I was just hanging out yesterday with DH and having an uneventful day, when my doctor called. First of all, I was shocked that a Dr would call me on new year's eve and talk with me for 20 minutes about my lab results. My old doc trained me to expect suck-ass behavior, I guess.

Anyways, after running new lab work the thyroid was even worse than before. After he took the blood last week I wanted to educate myself somewhat about Hypothyroidism so that I would know what questions to ask him if it turned out I have it.

So we had a good conversation and the bottom line is that I started taking meds for this yesterday. I can either just wait to see how I feel and go over this with him more when I have my next appointment at the end of February. Or I can make an appointment with an endocrinologist and let the specialist handle this aspect of my health care.

I am going to wait two months and take the meds to see how I feel. I don't want to make this bigger than it needs to be. If I don't feel differently after two months then I will see an endocrinologist.

Now that I looked into this, I can clearly see that I've had all of the classic symptoms for quite some time, I was just attributing them to other things. For instance, my normally silky skin has been dry and scaley-- I attributed that to getting older. Lotion doesn't help and I was annoyed by that.

I had a gorgeous head of reddish-blonde hair that was all the way down my back. It was so thick that it barely fit into a large pony-tail holder. My hair started to thin and break off about two years ago-- again, I attributed this to getting older and also genetics. My grandmother developed very thin hair as she aged. Now I wonder if she didn't have hypothyroidism too. Sadly, I cut my hair off because of this and I have been sad about it ever since. I always LOVED my Irish hair.

My feet and lower legs are always cold-- like blocks of ice. This adds to my insomnia as this is to the point of being really uncomfortable. I keep a small space heater near the chair where I sit in at night to watch a little tv before bed. I put on socks and put my feet near the heater trying to warm them up. Even this doesn't do much good. Cold feet and poor circulation are one of the main sympoms of hypothyroidism.

One thing that really pisses me off is that I complained to my former Doc about all of these things and he did NOTHING. You'd think he would have said, "Oh, this overweight woman whose mom had hypothyroidism now has dry skin, thinning hair, cold feet, insomnia, low body temperature, etc. Maybe I should test her thyroid?"

I didn't know these things were connected, but he is a doctor, shouldn't he have? He knew that I was starting to go through menopause and basically told me that dryer skin and hair were part of getting older and I'd just have to accept it and age gracefully. I am adding him to my list of people who need a good slap!

My weight loss may increase now, my hair grow back and my feet stop feeling like two blocks of ice. That would be great! It can take a few weeks for the medicine to have an affect that you notice, according to what I've read.

I am going to keep reading on the subject and studying the different treatment options. People with hypothyroidism are at an increased risk for heart disease and cancer, so there is more involved here than being cold and uncomfortable and having a tendency to be fat. I will keep you all posted.

On other fronts, I did a two mile walk/jog today and followed that up with just under an hour in the gym. I said after the first of the year I would record my work outs here, so here's what I did at the gym today:

These are all machines, no free weights today. "JB" is an abbreviation I use in my training log that means "just barely." It means that the set was at the outer limits of my strength and I could barely do it. LOL

Chest Press: 12 reps at 100#, 12 reps at 115#, 12 reps at 130# JB

Duel axis Chest press: 12 reps at 90#, 12 reps at 95#, 12 reps at 100# JB

Duel axis Incline press: 2 sets of 12 with 70 pounds
(had a hard time with this today, unsure why)

Cable seated row: two sets of 10 at 150#, JB

Cable chest fly: 2 sets of 10 at 90# JB

Overhead press: 12 reps at 35#, 12 reps at 50#

Shoulder press: 12 reps at 20#, 12 reps at 30#, 12 reps at 40#

I said before that I was starting the new weight training program on Monday. Actually, I will start it on Sunday and post about why at that time. I am VERY excited! I will outline the program at that time too.

Hope you're all enjoying what is to be a long weekend for most of us! Grab some quality time with the ones you love, including yourself!



  1. Glad you've finally been diagnosed! With synthetic thyroid hormone you should be just fine. It sometimes takes a while (and a lot of testing) to hit the right dosage, and as you lose weight you may well need adjustments in your dosage.

  2. I am in love with your progress pics-way to go-imagine you losing so much weight while having health problems-you are amazing~

  3. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 5 years ago and take synthroid daily for it. It was actually my endocrinologist who diagnosed it. As I've lost weight, my dosage has gone down (ditto what Kate said), so you have to have blood work done fairly regularly as you lose weight. When I started taking syntrhoid I felt better and more energized in about a week, it was like someone had flipped a switch for me. There was an initial weight loss of about 8 lbs in the first month but I don't think the meds have helped any more than that.

    This is going to help you alot and you are going to feel so much better.

  4. *sigh* some doctors... you just have to shake your head at. They sometime just really seem to not give a rats ass about fat people. :( Note to self...get thyroid checked!!! Thanks for all the great info AND... Nice arse kicking workout you did!

    Whoo Hoo!

  5. My mom diagnosed herself from a magazine article-- dry skin, thinning hair, all the rest. It does seem like something a good doc should be able to put together. I'm glad you're being treated and I look forward to hearing about the results!

  6. oh, and also you may start dropping weight faster.
    Here's to hoping lol.
    I am glad you got a decent doctor.
    Since I am under government run health care.
    I would have probably recieved some extra strength tylenol and would have been told to go lose some weight. ugh.
    feel better.

  7. I am glad your new doctor is so much better... it will be interesting and probably quite pleasing to see what happens to your body when your thyroid returns to normal on meds, I bet you will feel a lot better!

  8. Be sure to take enough vitamin D! It helps! The emulsion (liquid) form has been the magic form for me...finally....!!

    Did you have the doc check you D levels when they checked your thyroid levels? Another lab to check when you get re-checked in 2 months is your "anti-tpo" level. This will determine if the thyroid issue is autoimmune or not. I hope the meds help you feel better!

    Often, you will notice a decrease in water retention right when you begin..which always translates well on the scale. :)

    I have taken thyroid meds for about 10 years now and my dosage just kept going up up up up.....this last time it finally was decreased a bit..hooray! The D has helped, as has my cutting out gluten (which for me contributed to my thyroid can read more on that at if you are interested...even if you do not have celiacs disease, there are articles over there that explain the link between gluten and thyroid).

    One more tip...thyroid is completely linked to adrenal function and estogen/progesterone levels and balance. might want to have those levels checked, some point..just to see where you are at. The 24 hour saliva test is best. Sometimes insurance will cover it, and sometimes not.

    In the big scheme of things, though, an underactive thyroid is not so bad...and easily treated! Hang in there! OOOh, take a little extra calcium, thyroid meds can mess with bone calcium a bit.

    (wish I were not an expert on this subject..LOL)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, by the way. And, your progress pics are so great! Wooohooo!

  9. Glad you now know what is going on with you. I had sleep apnea for years that caused all sorts of health problems and finally my DENTIST figured it out. I have a CPAP now and I am loving it!

    Hope the meds work they way there are supposed to!!! Take care!

  10. You are so lucky that you've been able to lose weight! This has been my issue going on 4 years now... I get my weight down and if my thyroid goes out of balance even a little it bounces right back up. Wait until you see how much better you feel once you're balanced again. My favorite thing was that my eyelashes stopped falling out in clumps. Love the new slideshow!

  11. Before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I massively suffered from the "Brain fog" symptoms you have most likely read about and depression. The day I found a doctor who didn't just say "you are fat, lose weight" and actually ran a blood screen on me was my liberation day! It takes a few months to get the dosage balanced out but I know you will start seeing happy changes very quickly! Congrats on your continued success on your weight loss/fitness journey and I wish you the best of health in the New Year.

  12. Well, that would certainly explain a lot... I don't want to sound as though I'm jumping on the bandwagon, but I've wondered about my thyroid in the past too... I've been reluctant to mention it (I KNOW how stupid that sounds!) to my doctor as I didn't want to sound as though I was looking for excuses for being so fat, if that makes sense?! It's only (literally) in recent weeks that I've realised the PCOS hasn't helped on that score either - it's not JUST that I'm a greedy, lazy old sod! ;o)

    I have all the sypmtoms you describe (if I don't wear bed socks - sexy! - an extra blanket, have the heating on at night, etc., my feet and lower legs are like blocks of ice!) and others you don't... I've now decided to mention this to my doctor and ask for a specific blood test. Thank you for giving me the impetus to do this once and for all! I do hope the correct meds help get things under control fo you. :o)

    VERY impressive workout for the day - you are an inspiration in more ways than one. :o)

  13. Wow! Thank you for joining my blog! I'll do my best to keep you entertained......well really i'll just try to keep you awake while reading my blog. :)

    You've come a long way baby! And i'll bet once you get that thyroid under control it will be a little easier.

    Anyway just wanted to stop by and say hi. Very nice to meet you! JInx!

  14. Hi Amazon runner ,you have done so well Losing weight while having this .I diagnosed myself about 12 yrs ago.I have a multi nodular goiter as well. My dose has increased over the years.I have a good metabilsm now because i have lean muscle and eat frequently.And of course because i take my medication.
    You will feel better and have more energy once your levels normalise.Could take a little while with getting the right dose though.Good luck

  15. I am totally amazed at your wonderful, fantastic progress on your weight loss journey. I just found you and will follow your blog. (Thanks for finding my blog and marking it to Follow...very much appreciated).

    I also have hypothyroidism and have since 1973 when I began taking Synthroid. Been taking it ever since and have my blood tested at least once a year. After getting my thyroid outpout stabilized, I've pretty much been on the same dosage for over 20 years. So glad you've been able to get a doctor who will help you.

    Margie writes at:

  16. Glad you have a good doctor who is listening to you and making the correct diagnosis... how horrible to have cold feet. I hope the medication kicks in --just imagine the weight you will lose... I'm glad you're getting good medical treatment.

    Your weight loss pics look great. You've really done an amazing job with losing weight. You're working really hard with the exercise. Which is a reminder that I need to kick it up.

    Thank you for your wonderful and "made me laugh so hard" comment with regard to today's post. I'll have to remember your advice...

  17. Sorry to hear about your recent news but I gotta say... you've been amazingly strong since I've been following you blog... you'll totally get through this too!

    Love the progress you're making with the weightlifting program!

  18. I have that pesky condition too. I found out about 8 years ago. Good luck with it.. I haven't done a lot of research on it..i just listen to my doctor which I am beginning to reconsider. I was reading one of your followers comments, Greta from bigbottom blogger..she seems to know quite a bit about synthroid and hypothyroidism... I'm impressed with her knowledge. I'll be looking up her site soon. The vitamin D helps? I didn't know that..but I have been taking it for over a month we'll see. Good luck!

  19. As of this week, I'm on a natural, porcine thyroid replacement, which some hypothyroid suffers SWEAR works better than Synthroid, since the natural ones contain both T3 and T4.

    Hopefully, we'll both soon see a pickup in our metabolisms!

    Part of the confusion that doctors have about hypothyroidism is that the benchmarks for lab analysis should be changed, as the margins are MUCH too high. Many doctors won't start treating until TSH levels get over 5 or 6 According to the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, doctors should consider treating once TSH levels get over 3. That's a fairly dramatic difference. Many doctors are not aware of the new levels or either feel that the jury is still out on the issue. Getting too much thyroid hormones can be dangerous to heart health, after all.

    Out of curiosity, have you been checking your body temp? Mine used to be 98.6. No longer. It's regularly beneath that.

    Right now, it's REALLY low, as I've had the flu. I'm sitting here right now at 96.2. Turns out, having a too-low temp makes me feel almost as bad as a fever!

    Anyway, hope you'll soon see a real improvement in symptoms!

  20. WOW!

    I am so glad that you go to your new dr even MORE! I am glad that they caught it and wow it makes so much sense! I have heard of this before and with meds it is usually pretty easy to control...keep me posted on what's going on and how your feeling too!

    BTW- have I told you lately how AWESOME you look??



  21. It sure is good to have a better doctor, isn't it? I am glad you were able to get this diagnosed and on some meds. Be sure you follow the docs instructions to a tee - the thyroid is very finicky and it may take a while to get the meds just right.

  22. Happy New Year Lori-Ann! I am hypothyroid too, have been since 1997. My dosage has been lowered since I have been doing consistent cardio exercise. It was lowered for the first time about 2 years ago, prior to that it kept getting higher. I learned in the past year that it is important to avoid non fermented soy products because they can surpress the thyroid function. I wish my dr had told me this 12 years ago! I bet you will start feeling better overall once you get the right dose of synthroid.

    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog post about hiding. It was kind of intense to think about those old memories, but I think in doing so it brings more healing.

    Love and Blessings to you and here's to a very happy and healthy 2010!

  23. Sorry about your diagnosis, but glad you ave a doc that found it and that you're on meds.

    I found this post very interesting. I've been scratching my dry, itchy legs at night in my sleep to the point they bleed sometimes, and my hair has been falling out since around November sometime. I was just tested in June, but I think I'll call my doc and get another blood draw.


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