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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby you can drive my car!

Happy Saturday kids!

As I mentioned before, DH and I have one vehicle-- his econoline van. Jeff is a carpenter employed by Yale University School of Medicine and I work from home -- so we help our finances and the Earth by having one vehicle. When I have something to do-- like my dermatology appointment yesterday, I get up early and drive Jeff to work so that I can have the van for the day.

While driving to the dermatologist's yesterday, I suddenly noticed how much easier it is for me to operate and to steer the van. I thought to myself (with PRIDE I might add), "Gee, all of that upper body work at the Gym is paying off. My arms are so strong."

I was glowing over this all day and mentioned it to Jeff the minute I picked him up. He responded by saying, "Er um, steering isn't easier because your biceps are bigger, it's because your belly is no longer pressed against the steering wheel."

OMG, he is right! My gut used to be squished against the steering wheel. Getting in the van used to be so hard! I practically needed a crow bar and a tube of petroleum jelly just to get myself lodged in there. And I used to be OUT OF BREATH by the time I got myself situated.

This isn't as exciting as being able to wear a little black dress with black T-Strap heels, but it's progress, and I'll take every inch of that that I can get right now. Wrap it up, I'll take it! (And I'll be back to buy the dress and shoes later)

I got a lot of contact from people about yesterday's post! I am sitting here having my morning coffee sans aspartame to see how this goes. Honestly, since I switched to fresh, unprocessed foods, I feel so so good. The aspartame has been my hold-out. My diet has been almost ridiculously healthy and clean other than this one thing.

So whether or not giving up chemical sweeteners cures the headaches --- I intend to stay away from them from now on.

Also, just so everyone knows, I DID have my doc check me out over my symptoms. My blood sugar -- which was borderline diabetic back in March, is now on the low side of normal. My EKG showed nothing new or out-of-the-ordinary. Blood work was fine.

I DO have high blood pressure still, although my dose of medicine is cut in half, as my BP HAS reduced. I take Lisinopril 20/25 every day. I used to have to take TWO of those, PLUS 20mg of Furosemide and my BP STILL wasn't normal. That's one of the things that started my journey.

EVERYONE in my family dies of strokes-- almost without exception. And if they don't die of one, they have one or two of them impair their speech and mobility before a heart attack nails them. No thanks!

None of them exercise and none of them eat right. Not one. (Except me). So let's hope it overcomes some of my genetics and that I didn't wait too long to get started .

Everyone have a good weekend!

Move breathe, believe!

Baby you can drive my car
Yes I'm gonna be a star
Baby you can drive my car
And maybe I'll love you
Beep beep'm beep beep yeah


  1. It's the little changes that make it all worth the effort we put out. I'm sure your biceps are getting stronger also but very cool about the waist getting smaller.

  2. I think it's both your HUGE biceps and shrinking stomach, hee. Just wait until you have to move the seat UP, that'll be another awesome day of joyousness. I wish you luck with the Aspartame thing. :)


  3. Awesome! Very happy for you :) And I realize it may be too much information regarding the Aspartame, but among other things, it can cause nerve damage and intestinal issues. I became obsessed with managing my IBS-anxiety issues a couple of years ago, and totally cut out all artificial sweeteners (and really try hard on the dyes and high fructose corn syrup too, but it's hard). Thanks for doing that post, by the way. Good info.

  4. I've tried giving up artificial sweeteners many times. I always go back to it. I love sweets. Maybe one of these days I'll give it up, but it's sure difficult.

    Funny about the car steering wheel. A definite non-scale vicory (NSV). :)

  5. I still have to take my bp med too and my doc keeps telling me I'm fighting genetics so I may never be able to come off it. Oh well. One thing I do know for sure, it's NEVER TOO LATE to start bettering yourself. I started running at 42 and started Thai Boxing 3 months ago at 49. Do I wish I started younger so I could be faster and stronger? Of course! But I'm still way better off than those still sitting on their duffs!


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