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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Babbling Barbie

Greetings everyone. Before I launch into today's post-- I want to thank you all.......... for visiting my blog-- it means a lot to me. And for keeping your own blogs. We overweight people have suffered discomforts, humiliations and limitations of a nature that everyone else is blissfully unaware of. It takes a lot of courage to be so public with our struggles and frustrations.

Many of you, in the coming months, will leave the fat behind and become athletes (some of you already have) -- so for all of you would-be runners, power walkers, body builders, bikers and swimmers---thank you. Thank you for the honor of witnessing your transformation and the ups and downs that go with it. It means more to me than I can express and helps me with my own issues far more than I have the time or ability to analyze here.

I don't always leave a comment as I read a lot of blogs every day and if I left even a brief comment in each I'd never get anything else done. But I do read everyday and wanted to take a minute to thank you all for putting yourselves out there.

About 2 months ago, on one of the body building boards a guy was raving about the new Hellmann's Olive Oil Mayo. I looked for it in my local stores but no one had it. I finally gave up and forgot about it, but lo and behold, I was walking through Stop and Shop a week or two ago and there it was!

I am trying to keep condiments at a minimum as it's a way I consume a lot of unnecessary calories. But I had to try this, and it is not bad. It has less calories than regular Hellmann's mayo (I believe 20 calories less per serving). It has slightly more calories than the "light" mayo--- but it doesn't have the sugar and chemicals of the "light" versions. Then there's the benefits of the Olive Oil. So, just thought I'd include this in a blog in case any of you don't know about it and might want to try it.

My friend Barbara was visiting last night. She has this tendency to blurt out random thoughts that pop into her head without thinking about the impact that the remark might have on others in the room. I told her she should dip all of her shoes in chocolate-- since she puts her foot in her mouth so much-- at least it would be tasty.

Anyway, we had been talking about my weight loss and there was a pause in the conversation. After a few minutes of the comfortable silence that can exist between old friends, she suddenly ruined the moment by blurting out, "If I could look like you do when you're fit, I would never allow myself to get fat."

Someone with thin skin or someone who didn't know her well would have been hurt or offended by this remark--- but I used to weigh over 400-- so I have heard and overheard far worse. But I could tell by the look on her face that she regretted saying it, and was studying my face for the dreaded reaction. LOL

I've known her since I was 20 and she has always had this fascination with my legs. I am 6'3" so I have seriously long legs.

During my thinner periods, if Barbie were with me while I was shopping, she'd always look for the shortest skirt that could be found and try to convince me to buy it. We're talking skirts that barely cover the butt cheeks.

Think about it, if a skirt is made for a woman of average height and it is meant to be short-- well, when Ms. 6'3" puts it on it is now obscenely short. Something from Walmart that would look cute and flirty on most women will make me look like a street walker. If Barbie had her way, I'd have been walking around looking like the cover of the latest Frederick's of Hollywood catalog.

ANYWAY, after her remark, and remembering the shopping trips and other fun times with her, I was sitting there realizing how LITTLE I ever appreciated my own body or had fun with it or dressed it up or flirted with it.

And I sat there wishing that just once I had taken her advice and bought the skirt and had been, even for a day, the gal who was 6'3" and proud and really taking the leggy thing too far and dressing over the top and............ Just once.........

I've been sitting with this ever since and I am going to devote a whole post to more on this topic very soon. Suffice it to say for day I will reach my goals and I will post pics of a shopping spree with Barbie, and you people aren't going to believe what I end up buying and actually wearing in public. he he he

To be continued................

Be good to you today...........


  1. Oh boy! I can't wait to see those photos!!

  2. Funnily enough, I just posted something about stockings on my own blog today... lol That said, I think you have great legs right now and should show them off more - they're long and shapely. :o) My inside leg is 35", so fairly long, but my thighs are YUCK! ;o) Even when I've been slim, I've only been able to bring myself to wear a skirt that sits on the knee - absolutely no shorter!

  3. I think that it's one of those things that you never realize what you have until it's gone. I used to be quite thin, but even when I *was* thin, I had the mentality that, yes, I was pretty enough to turn some heads, and yes, I could look downright hot in the right outfits, but I still thought that I had some weight to lose. I think I believed that I wasn't truly pretty unless I had a Swimsuit Body, with the rock-hard abs and such (which never, ever happened, despite having a BMI in the underweight category, due to being an athlete in college). Now I look at those pictures and think that I was crazy. My goal weight now it still more than I weighed back then. So, you are right, be good to yourself, because even when you are that weight, you must love yourself or else you still won't appreciate what you have.

  4. Now THAT'S something to look forward to...for your readers and yourself! Great post. Makes me think of how I lamented "how fat" I was when at 5'9" I weighed 135 pounds - this was at my wedding and I couldn't believe "I let myself go" that way before it. Good grief - very eating and body image disordered was/am I.

    I agreee about blogging. I love to write 'em, read 'em and comment on 'em. If only someone would pay me to do it. (actually given the amount of time I spend at work doing this, they kind of do!)

  5. I think it was the great philosopher ZZ Top that said "If you have legs, you should know how to use them." Whatever that means...

  6. The mayo looks interesting. I also avoid the condiments, but if you are going to occasionally use mayo, why not a healthier version of it?

  7. Gotta love Jack's answer. lol anyway, I LOVE albacore tuna and Hellmans! Now I want tuna... :) Btw, I have a new WL site...

    I am going to add you to the blog roll so I don't miss any more of your posts. :)

  8. I, for one, look forward to that day, hee.

    Nothing is sexier than a long-legged woman wearing something that shows those legs off.

    Your friend was right, just in a crass way, because when you reach your goals I bet you money you'll never let yourself go again. :)



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