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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Synchronicity.......... Amazing!

Synchronicity........... A word that really applies as of late.

About two weeks ago I noticed that some of the gals at Operation Fat Blaster were using fitness programs put out by

At first I thought that a full-fledged weight lifting/fitness program on DVDs seemed kinda lame and probably ineffective. But a lot of them have had good results so I sort of put it on the back burner as something to consider later. I do get bored easily and like to switch things around here and there.

THEN, (here's where the synchronicity comes in) I ran into a former co-worker who had a serious weight problem the whole time I knew her. She was extremely overweight and had one of those guts that hung down almost to her knees. (Sadly, a gut like mine.....sigh..)

I nearly fainted when I ran into her this past week. She is completely trim and fit -- even the gut! I would not go so far as to say that her tummy is bikini-worthy, but it is MUCH flatter than I ever would have thought possible.

When I asked about her fitness journey, she told me that she used the ChaLEAN Extreme program put out by Beachbody, and a very strict body builder's diet of "clean" foods. (Pretty much the way I am already eating).

So I went back to the beachbody website and watched the video on the ChaLEAN program. After a day or two of thinking about it, I took the plunge and ordered it. This is a 90-day commitment and I understand that the workouts are tough -- but I am looking forward to it!

So , this program should arrive by this weekend and I will get started next week! I am psyched! I've been using the Jillian Michaels DVDs and I think this is a good foundation for the ChaLEAN program.

Jillian combines a lot of moves ------like dumbbell deadlifts with overhead presses, lunges or squats with lateral or anterior raises, crunches with chest presses, etc. When you are done with the 45-minutes your whole body hurts! Yikes -- the be-otch really kills ya. During the ab segment I lay there on the carpet swearing and calling Jillian every name in the book!

Anyway, all of this torture will have been worth it one of these days............ LOL

I will keep you all posted about my experience with ChaLEAN Extreme. Below is a link to a video about it.


  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and bravo to your new journey you're about to embark on!! It's an awesome program and I'm sure with your determination, you'll have great success with it!

    Keep pushing play!

  2. Yeah for ChaLean Extreme - it will be a blast!!


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