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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week in Review: Fitness Totals

I am having serious time-management issues. Don't worry, this is NOT going to be one of those posts where the fat girl rags about how busy she is and uses that as an excuse to abandon her fitness efforts.

No way!

I am entering into my busy season, work wise. There are MANY priorities in terms of work and fitness and I really suck ass at playing the daily game of trying to prioritize everything appropriately.

So, this week--- walking won the top slot of my exercise routine -- I spent 3 hours and 25 minutes walking. This is the most I have walked so far and I was proud that I pushed myself to do it.

I spent 90 minutes on the ChaLEAN Extreme program at home and did two 40-minute sessions at the gym for a total of 80-minutes of gym time.

So I have a total of 6 hours and 15 minutes spent on exercise this week. Not bad for a former coach potato. But what is lacking are any workouts that are strictly cardio. That's why I mentioned the time management.

With my hilly-ass neighborhood, large portions of my walks are cardio whether I want them to be or not -- so in managing my time, I am making weight training the priority for indoor exercise so that I build muscle and have variety.

Even though I am trying to walk more, I was still hoping to squeeze in an hour or two of indoor cardio every week just to blast away a few more fat cells. It simply didn't happen this week.

Overall, I am satisfied with my week. I walked more this week than I have in years and I am really starting to feel the accumulative affect of the weight training.

When I am working out... I can see and feel the new muscle! I can see cuts in the front of my thighs during lunges, I can see the delts and biceps forming in my arms when I work with dumb bells --- even my weakest area, my gut-- has progress, as in spite of all of the remaining flab, when I am doing squats and lunges I can feel the improved strength and balance in the center of my body.

What gives me "moments" of frustration and impatience is that my muscles are not visible to anyone else yet. I am at that point where I probably exercise more and eat better than the average American (which sadly, isn't so hard to do) yet I don't look the part.

I still have a huge gut, and flab covering the muscles of my arms and legs -- and I am so tired of it. I look in the mirror sometimes and think, "I work and work and work at the exercise and always eat right, so when's the part where I start to look better?"

Hey, don't worry, I'm not gonna let myself feel so funky that I give up. I just have my moments and like every other fat person, I want instant gratification. LOL

Anyway, a short-term goal for this week is to keep up the walking and the weight training and to add in at least one indoor cardio session-- even if it's only 20-minutes.

Let's see how I do.

Hope you guys did well this week and if you didn't, I hope you can dust yourself off and keep going !



  1. Don't worry, this is NOT going to be one of those posts where the fat girl rags about how busy she is and uses that as an excuse to abandon her fitness efforts.


  2. I have those weeks also. It's so hard when you workout and eat right and want to have the results showing NOW!

    I gain weight in my tummy and its hard to get off...I was told by an old trainer that I gain weight like a man..all in the tummy and that sucks :(

    We just have to keep pushing on...I am with you on the cardio..that is the hardest for me..I have walking..running..all that jazz..just give me some weights and leave me

  3. Loved that you vocalized and wrote that you get frustrated because you are living a healthier lifestyle than 99% of Americans and yet the results are not visible with just a glance. I have felt that way soo many times and I've NEVER heard anyone else say it!!!!

  4. Do you realize that 375 minutes of exercise is a whole lot, couch potato or no. And I want instant gratification too - I've always said if I win the lottery I'm going to have someone start at the top and put everything back where it belongs!

  5. You know, despite the frustration, the place you are at is a pretty awesome place. You are just beginning to see some great changes in your body. You will remember these moments for months, if not years, to come. Just keep at it, the change you desire is well on the way.

  6. I think you are a star. I love your positive, can-do attitude and determination. You are an inspiration! I too am strong and in much better shape than most people think due to my excess weight.

    LOVED the story about driving the van...those "little" victories are not so little when they reward us and keep us motivated.

    Glad you're staying in touch with your family doctor. Hope I didn't sound too snotty. I DO agree that giving up as much artificial chemicals is a wonderful idea.....and probably not one most medical docs would think of.


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