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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I went on a hike!

Today, DH and I took the dogs on a hike up West Rock. It has been YEARS since I climbed to the top of West Rock. It has an elevation of about 400 feet with a steady climb from beginning to end.

It was a beautiful day --the type that you treasure as summer nears its end - as you don't know how many more days you will have like this before autumn settles in for the duration.

It was really tough-going for me and also for our older dog, Beau. We stopped half-way up for a water break-- which the "boys" really appreciated.

Look at the spectacular scenery you get to enjoy on your way up. Well, er um, as much as I could enjoy it while huffing and puffing and continually telling myself that I could do it.

Zeke caught sight of a wild turkey in the road but I wasn't fast enough with my camera to capture the image of the turkey flying off. LOL

Once we got to the top, we were treated to the sight of several hawks gliding in the air. I was able to get a shot of one here!

We were above Knolls Pond and the view was so lovely!

Here's DH and Zeke taking a break at the top! With my new style of cooking "clean" foods, DH has lost about 12 pounds himself and looks great!

And here I am -- proud that I made it to the top! Woooooo-hooooo--- a glorious day!


  1. Ooh, how fun! It looks like a lovely place for a hike.

  2. Congratulations on the hike!
    BTW, you look great!


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