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Friday, September 18, 2009

The hills are alive..............

Thought I'd share some pics of my hilly-ass neighborhood. I took these during this morning's walk. If this hill does not look steep enough for you, then your ass must be a lot smaller than mine. There is a little-known rule of science that the fatter someone's ass is, the steeper a hill is for them. For me, this is practically Mount friggen Everest. It goes on FOREVER. At the top, I am drenched with sweat and struggling to get my breath.
Here's a more level area that's part of the route I do most of the time. A good deal of the streets in my neighborhood are named after counties or towns in Ireland, so the area may have originally been settled by Irish immigrants. This is "cool" for me as I am the grandchild of Irish immigrants, and wondering about the history of the strong, peasant stock that I come from keeps my mind wandering during parts of my walk.

Ahhhhh, finally made it to the top!!! When I get to this part of the loop I am only a few blocks from my street. This is the part where I keep telling myself that I am nearly finished and that since there are no more hills, I should walk a little faster. Some days, I am tired, and the little pep talk doesn't work. On those days , I keep steadily telling myself to "go fuck yourself." If you've never told yourself to "go fuck yourself" and you think this is something that only a crazy person would do -- then I suggest that you go out and walk hills every morning. And when you get to the crest, tell yourself that the worst is over so now you can walk faster. Guaranteed, a lot of the times you'll tell yourself to "go fuck yourself." Even if you normally don't use the "f" word, the hills will cause you to convert.

Is your house ready for autumn?

Pretty, huh? There are SOME benefits to walking.

Look at what I'd miss if I sat in front of my TV eating chips.

The house on the corner from me -- I just loved how this fence looked this morning!

The hills are alive.......... with the sound of my thigh muscles screaming in pain! If you understand that joke then you are either a movie buff or you are as old as the hills -- like me!

Anytime you're having a bad day and you're dying to tell someone to go fuck themselves, feel free to say it to me. I won't mind. I am walking more now because of the walking challenge I am participating in as a member of the OPERATION FAT BLASTER community. Consequently, I've been facing the hills in my neighborhood more, which goes hand-in-hand with the "f" word.

Ok, so I got my walk in and put up a post..... time to stop fucking around and get back to work.....


  1. awesome pics of your walk.., way to power up those hills

  2. I had to grin at your self-motivation talk. There's a seminar in there somewhere! Betcha those hills will feel a little flatter the more times you conquer them.

  3. HAHAHA love this!! Way to motivate yourself!! I have my own little pep talks...


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