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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life's a Beach

Both yesterday and today I was able to walk at the West Haven beach/boardwalk, instead of around my hilly-ass neighborhood. The scenery is breathtaking! Having other walkers, runners and bikers--- (all in various stages of fitness)-- exercising around you, is very inspiring

Sorry this pic is a little dark. This is about the hilliest area of the path, the rest is pretty flat. If you walk the entire loop it is about 6-miles. Of course, I can't do that yet but hope to be running here this time next year!

That point that you see in the distance is Bradley Point. The exercise path goes down there and forms a loop with gorgeous flower beds and landscaping all around--- as if the stunning ocean views aren't enough! Spectacular place!

Anyway, I have to drive a few miles to get to this location and since DH and I share a vehicle right now, it isn't always possible for me to walk here. But when I can -- it's so amazing!

In the realm of exercise, I have bragging rights for the effort I put in yesterday! Woo-hoo!!

I started the day with a long-ass walk at the beach and really worked up a sweat. Then, DH had taken the day off from work and wanted to to to the gymn, so I tagged along and really hammered my large muscle groups with heavier weights than what I have at home. I gave my back, thighs and chest a kick-ass workout and, once again, really worked up a sweat as I lifted heavy and did not rest between sets.

THEN, after dinner, DH suggested a quick walk in the woods with the dogs . There is a track of woods in our neighborhood that used to belong to the water company. Different developers have bought the property from each other and no one (so far) has gotten zoning approval to do what they want in there. So, the space remains this beautiful, wooded trek with well-worn paths bordered by ferns and wild flowers. Deer, wild turkeys and other wild life can cross your path at any moment.

Anyway, our hunting dogs, who are both rescues, LOVE to run off-leash and this is the perfect place for it. No one goes in there. So we took the "boys" in there and let them run amuck while we got in a one mile walk.

I came back home and realized it was my day to do the ChaLEAN extreme burn circuit 2 and I hadn't done it. I DON'T want to skip any workouts unless it honestly cannot be avoided. The Biggest Loser was coming on so I had one hour to do my ChaLEAN workout and take my shower before the show started. I did it!! I didn't wanna, but I did it! LOL!

With all of the exercise I put in, I had NO trouble falling asleep last night, believe me. And I felt proud of myself for the effort I put in! So today is a new day to make good choices, work hard and bring myself one day closer to my goals!

Be good to yourself today! Eat real food that is good for you. Move your body. Breathe deeply!


  1. Gorgeous views. You're lucky to have it so close!

  2. Wow I am impressed Lori-Ann - you keep this up you will be at goal in no time and in excellent shape to boot. I'm inspired...

  3. Good for you getting your workout in! There has been the odd morning where I've thought about taking a 'rest' day and having a lie-in instead, but I've always dragged my sorry arse out of bed and got stuck in to my workout instead! I'm always SO glad I did at the end of it. :o)


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