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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week in Review: Fitness Totals

This was a challenging week on many fronts, including getting in as much exercise as I would have liked. My BFF and I started a non-profit to help Lakota Indians on the Pine Ridge Reservation. We do the pow wow circuit here in New England to promote our efforts and to sell art and craft items made by Lakota children and elders.

ANYWAY, I spent the week preparing for a weekend away at a Pow Wow in Massachusetts put on by the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness. I was tagging and packing craft items, organizing my camping gear, making sure my dance regalia was in order, printing literature and hand-outs about our work and the families we help, figuring out what I would eat for the weekend, etc.

Consequently, I only got in one 45-minute session of cardio and one 30-minute walk. I did manage 3 weight training sessions of about 50-minutes each. So I only got in about 4 hours of exercise this week.

The real pisser is that, Jeanne (my BFF), picked me up Saturday morning at the ass crack of dawn (5am) and we headed to Massachusetts. We got about 70 miles away from home when the clutch went on her car. Let me spare you the long story of Triple A and towing issues, getting someone to pick us up at the place where we had her car towed, etc.

So I ended up not even doing the pow wow after skimping on my fitness goals to prepare for it. But, I am not upset. Life happens. What can you do? I am sure that this week will be better.

In fact, I already have a jump on it! I did my first ChaLEAN Extreme workout today AND took not one, but two walks. I intend to really go all out this week and do as much as I can! So my totals at the end of this week should be fantastic!

Bring it on!

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